In the era of smart home, is your home appliance online?

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In the morning, I smelled the aroma of fresh toast and coffee. The egg cooker, coffee machine and bread machine were ready for breakfast. Before getting off work in the evening, use the mobile phone to open the app and click on it. The door and window of the house will open automatically, as long as prepare the raw materials in advance, the oven and the health pot can also start to bake food at the same time, and cook the soup… This is all possible in the Internet home era. If you are an office worker with insufficient time and don’t have enough time to prepare breakfast and dinner for your child, you may want to find out what Internet appliances are!

Home appliance collective “riot” networking

Since the products such as smart phones, wireless routers, tablets, and Internet TVs have rapidly spread to the home, where is the next “Tuyere” of the Internet industry?

In the past one or two years, after experiencing the powerful impact of Internet marketing on traditional enterprises, most home appliance manufacturers chose “riots” to produce and sell home appliances that can access the Internet, and developed mobile phone online remote control platform, the concept of “smart home”. It was born. In the near future, more netizens will truly experience “technology changes life”.

How do home appliances connect to the Internet? Simply put, a smart device with its own WiFi, such as automatic door and window suite, rolling door kit, sliding door kit, etc., can be directly connected to WiFi, and then operated by mobile phone.

The second kind of electric appliance that does not have WiFi itself, but can be controlled with the electric plug-in board with WiFi, such as the smart socket of Yao Ertai, all the appliances that the netizens want to control are connected to the WiFi.

Finally, download the mobile app. This app is an app that we developed separately as a total controller for home appliances. It can add all the smart appliances as devices. From then on, one machine is lazy, and remote operation of home appliances with mobile phones can be easily realized.

Where to find smart products? The current solution for smart homes on the market is basically: “With WiFi appliances / appliances connected to WiFi outlets + mobile app.”

Smart WiFi to remote RF converter.

Mobile phone turned into remote control

Jingdong Weilian, Suning Yunju, Haier Youjia… Many manufacturers have invariably built an online platform for smart homes to collect various household appliances online.

After the mobile phone logs in to the app, you can first see a lot of homes that can access the Internet, such as home lights, automatic doors and windows, automatic curtains, smart sockets, rice cookers… consumers can click to buy, the existing Internet home appliances in the home have been simply set,you can add to your account.

The “smart gateway” controls a collection of several different brands of home appliances on one platform, and also sets up many convenient “scenarios”. Such as “linkage mode”, “scene mode”, etc., as long as the family and you use the same account to log in, you can control multiple devices on the phone at the same time.

In addition, the smart WiFi to remote RF converter allows the user to convert the function on the remote control to the mobile phone to operate the home, easy to control; at any time at home to close the door; at the same time, with the on-line function of the after-sales service, Yaoertai provides users with a series of functions such as after-sales service, reservation service, inquiry service network and recommendation service. It is worth mentioning that two new WiFi converter adapt to different remote control markets, one in Europe and one in Southeast Asia. In addition to anytime, anywhere shopping, users can also receive the latest product reviews and intelligent information, and support to share at any time.

WIFI to RF converter.

Layout smart life will become a trend

Since Google’s acquisition of Nest and Apple’s launch of the HomeKit platform, both domestic and foreign companies, traditional manufacturers and Internet companies have turned their targets to the smart home and wearable device industries, and the Internet of Things has become a new outlet.

According to preliminary statistics, the enterprises that layout smart homes have Baidu, Tencent, Meizu, Suning, Gome, Lenovo, 360, Haier, TCL, Jingdong, LeTV, and Midea, and many companies are eyeing smart homes.

Home intelligence is a dynamic process, and it is also an inevitable trend. In simple terms, it is more convenient for an application to control multiple home appliances. Smart homes and even smart cities are not in a hurry, but this industry is still developing.

Multiple remotes become a mobile app = smart home? In fact, the smart home of the future is far more than that. In the demonstration building of the China Academy of Building Research, click on the App switch light, instead of looking for a switch; in a large office, each light will adjust the intensity of the light according to the change of daylight and the movement of the person; The light on the head can also transmit data online…

In fact, the concept of intelligent home appeared as early as a decade ago. In 1998, Bill Gates built an intelligent mansion for himself. Although the current understanding of smart homes is still at a very basic level, as the new generation of consumer groups become more aware of smart homes, the scale of the entire market will gradually be opened.

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