Sliding Door Controller YET868PC:smart door controller

1,086 Published by admin Jan 15,2021

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Hello every,today is Friday,I wish you have a nice weekend.

This time,I will introduce you sliding door controller YET868PC. The parameters and characteristics are as follows:

sliding door controller YET868PC

sliding door controller YET868PC

Technical Characteristics

Voltage AC220V
Static current ≤12mA
Temperature -40℃ ~ +80℃
Sensitivity ≥-105dBm
Frequency 433MHz
Contact Current ≤16A
Maximum capacity for remote 30pcs
Measures 163mm*114mm*42mm
Remote type Learning  code

Functional Characteristics

Ⅰ、High security: Learning code.

Ⅱ、Automatic close function: Delay time can be adjusted.

Ⅲ、Soft start: Soft start power can be adjusted, reducing launch impact, extend equipment life.

Ⅳ、Soft stop: Soft stop power can be adjusted.

Ⅴ、Adjustable motor power: Adjust running power online to adapt different loads.

Ⅵ、Rebound when Resistance power appear: Resistance forces can be adjusted. Door will be automatically opened when close meet a resistance power.

VII、Safety light: When detecting pedestrians into the security light, automatic door.

IX、Automatic learning procedure: Manual opening and closing doors on an automatic learning procedure, procedure time ranges from 5-120 seconds

X、Remote control setting: Combined keys to set ajar/ full open.

Operation Method

This controller can learn 30pcs remote control at most. The first one code will be void if you learn the 31st

(1) Buttons operation

  1. a) Press the “△”button to open door.
  2. b) Press the “▽” button to close door.
  3. c) Press the “□” button to stop < unlocked >, unlocked < locked >.
  4. d) Press the “〼” button to lock and avoid misoperation.

(2) Add and remove remote control

1)Add and remove remote control

a) Add remote control

Pressing the controller button for 1 second, let go when OPEN, CLOSE, STOP lamp lights. And then press remote’s any key, controller’s OPEN, CLOSE, STOP light will blinks 3 times, buzzer will make a short ‘ beep ‘ sound, said success.

b) Remove remote control

Press the learning button for 5 seconds the controller and not released, OPEN, CLOSE, STOP lamps light then automatically extinguished, buzzer let out a long’ beep ‘ sound, which means that all remote has been successfully cleared, go to exit.

(3) Set the stroke.

Make controller’s all dip switches to OFF and move the door in the open start position. Power on controller, press the remote control open button, after arriving at the door limit switch position, then press the remote control close button, when it reaches the closing limit switch, 2 seconds long buzzer rang, said stroke learning success. If it is a short 3 failed, follow the steps to learn stroke.

If you want to know more about sliding door controller YET868PC,please feel free to contact us.

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