Application of magnetic switch in smart home system

1,227 Published by xia, Crystal Sep 03,2019

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The magnetic switch is often installed at the door and window of the home. If you need it, you don’t have to find someone to install it yourself. First, buy the magnetic switch and wipe the installation position of the magnetic switch.

Wireless door magnetic sensor

Secondly, use the screw to fix the switch part and the magnet part on the door and the door frame respectively, pay attention to the position; in the end, install the two parts of the cover. At this point, the magnetic switch is installed successfully.

The application of door magnetic system in smart life

As a smart home system, the components are small, the technical content is relatively low, and the production cost is low. Indeed, when the smart home market was crazy, it became the entrance of many manufacturers or individuals into the smart home field, but it also caused the follow-up phenomenon. Aftereffects: the quality of the mixed fish and dragons has damaged the reputation of the door and window sensor products in the market. Excessive market output also affects sales. Although the current price of door and window sensor products has plummeted, ordinary citizens are easy to buy, but they still cannot hide their presence in the smart home market. The status and sense of presence have fallen dramatically.

The smart home system of the Internet of Things consists of a home environment-aware interaction layer, a network transport layer, and an application service layer. The home environment-aware interaction layer is composed of various sensor nodes with wired or wireless functions, mainly to collect household environment information, acquire owner status, and enter guest identity features. The network transport layer is mainly responsible for home information and director control information. Transmission; the application service layer is responsible for controlling the home facility or application service interface.

The door magnetic sensor in the door magnetic system belongs to the family environment sensing interaction layer. The English name of the wireless door magnet is Doorsensor. There are two ways for a gangster to enter the house from the door: one is to steal the key of the owner and open the door; the other is to open the door with the aid of a tool. Regardless of the way the gangster enters, he must push the house door open.

Once the thief pushes the door open, the door and the door frame will be displaced, and the door magnet and the magnet will also be displaced at the same time. The electric wave signal is immediately transmitted to the host, and the host sounds an alarm and dials the preset telephone number. Thereby providing more intelligent security protection for home life, ensuring family life and property security.

The really easy-to-use products will not be ignored. The door and window sensor system is small, but it has an extremely important position in the overall scene of smart home. Thousands of people believe that with the attention and technical development of the manufacturers, the door and window sensors can return to the public again. Smart home life offers a “small but beautiful” quality experience.

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