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Shenzhen Yaoertai Technological Development CO., LTD.

Was established in 2005. It is a technology-based high-tech company focusing on R&D and design.We are committed to the technical support and service of remote control systems for various door and window electromechanical products and smart home control systems! We produce wireless remote controls, controllers,wifi to rf converters, infrared sensors, smart lights, smart plugs,wifi cameras and other products for smart homes. We have a strong R&D team, with a large R&D staff, up to 20 people, of which one-third of senior engineers, we accept OEM and ODM to meet all customer’s request.

Hot products
One-Channel Receiver YET401PC Garage Door Controller Universal Receiver 315/433mhz
Model: YET401PC
$3.60 - $7.20
Universal Receiver Controlled Switch
remote control duplicator
Hot Sale D5 Type Two In One Copy Code Remote Control For You!
YET2168 remote control is a D5 copy remote control duplicator that can copy fixed code(1527,2240,2260,527,5326,etc) & rolling code.
wireless receiver
YET402PC-WFR Long Range 2-channel rf Wireless Receiver Garage Door Remote Control
YET402PC-V2.0 is one of our best product in international market with competitive price ,Good customer feedback and high re-purchase,quality quarantee.
switch controller
Universal RF 433mhz Control Board for rolling shutter switch controller
YET804PC is a switch controller dedicated to roller shutter doors

We accept OEM and ODM to meet all customer’s request

1. Inquiry: Customers tell the wireless remote control desired form factor, performance specifications.

2. Design: The design team is involved from the start of a project.

3. Quality Management: In order to supply high quality structures,


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