YET2130 RF Wireless Smart Housing Remote Control

251 Published by admin Oct 12,2021

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YET2130 RF Wireless Smart Housing Remote Control

Yaoertai Company is China’s top three custom-made wireless remote control manufacturer. YET was established in 2005,and having over 200 workers now. YET all products can be used in the accessories of electric screen, Electric-drive airer, electric door and window , smart home system , smart home alarm system and so on . With over 10 years experience of wireless remote system of automatic door, window and smart home control system, remote control manufacturer YET to be the first brand in this field. Our products are exported to Australia, Latin America, Southeast Asia, North America, the Middle East and Europe.

Our main best-selling products are remote control, shutter controller, receiver module and so on.

YET2130 is Multi frequency rolling code remote Control duplicator


1.for all

2.Multi-frequency & auto scan

3.Easy duplicating

4.Patent right reserved

Duplicating procedures:

For Fixed code duplicating procedures

  1. Press & hold the 3rd button, meanwhile press the 2nd button 3 times quickly.
  2. Release both buttons. Now the RED LED emits a short flash every 2 seconds.
  3. Place the original remote control next to duplicator around 5cm
  4. Keep pressing the button of the original remote control and wait for a change flash (as a faster flash) of duplicator RED LED and a change of its color (BLUE) that confirms the correct learning of code. This step may take a few seconds and during that the color LED is RED.
  5. While the BLUE LED is flashing, press the button of the duplicator where you want to program the code just learnt, and retain pressed until the LED switches off .This step may take some seconds.
  6. The copy has been happened with success. Repeat the duplication from step 1 to the rest buttons.

If you interesting in it, don’t hesitate to contact me. The price of new promotion not only beauty but also affordable. So far, many customers have repurchase this smart life remote control product. The opportunity is rare, so you do not miss this chance! If you are interested it, please let me know, I will give you more details about it, looking forward to your early inquiry!

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