Pseudo-intelligent door locks everywhere, Yaoertai became the iPhone in the smart door lock

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In the two major global hardware exhibitions at the beginning of the year, mobile phones look at MWC and smart homes look at CES. Smart homes have been popular at CES for many years. At the CES 2017 show last year, about 4,000 companies participated in the event, including LG, Sony, Amazon and other giants, they have launched smart home products, such as smart refrigerators, the famous smart speaker Echo new products.

With the maturity of AI technology and the in-depth application of technologies such as intelligent voice, face recognition and user portraits, smart home applications are becoming more intelligent. Smart homes will become an indispensable part of our lives, such as smart speakers and smart TVs. White goods such as equipment, smart home appliances, smart lights, smart devices such as smart door locks and intelligent monitoring are rapidly spreading.

Smart fingerprint door lock YET905 kit.

Pseudo-intelligent door locks everywhere, who will give you the security check?

The biggest problem with traditional door locks is the need for keys. If a family member forgets to carry in and out, it is prone to security problems such as lost keys and being copied. This is why smart door locks have emerged.

In 2016, there were more than 1,000 companies involved in smart door locks in China. There are many giants such as Samsung, Haier, Lenovo, ZTE, Skyworth, and others. Of course, there are also some companies that rely on Samsung and other giants, or OEMs, and lack of independent design. The whole industry is mixed, and the market is still in a relatively discrete state, lacking quality. The bigger problem is that there is still a problem with the shape of the smart door lock itself.

The safety factor is not high enough. The most basic function of the door lock is anti-theft and anti-intrusion. It is very important to prevent damage and cracking. Most of the smart door locks on the market now ignore the anti-theft coefficient of the core part of the door lock. It is easy to use physical inferior lock cores produced by some low-end manufacturers. In terms of structural design, most of the products are OEM, the internal structure is basically the same, the cracking idea is similar, and the one that is cracked is not safe. The current smart door lock, the thief can easily open the lock and destroy the smart door. Cases of lock-in room theft have occurred.

Poor experience. Although most smart door locks on the market have added the function of fingerprint recognition, the fingerprint recognition position is not good, and the unlocking position is uncomfortable; the fingerprint recognition accuracy is too low, and the pressing is not recognized correctly.

Battery life is hard. The battery life of the smart door lock is generally less than half a year to one year. This is not enough for a permanent home. Frequent battery replacement is cumbersome. If the user forgets to change the battery, the door lock may be out of power and the home may be stolen.

Lack of industrial design. The appearance of smart door locks on the market is the same, unable to cater to the overall decoration style of the house and the aesthetic needs of the user’s personality, especially in the current trend of consumption upgrade and aesthetic awakening.

It can be said that the more accurate name of the smart door lock should be “electronic door lock”. If the industrial design and experience can be overcome, then the security issue is unbearable. The greatest value of the door lock is the security guard. If there is not enough high security, the door lock will be ineffective.

Therefore, the biggest opportunity for intelligent door locks is to improve safety and improve the ability to prevent intrusion and damage. Now, some companies have noticed the pain point of the smart door lock market, and are actively entering the game to be “true smart door locks.”

Yaoertai smart home

Smart fingerprint door lock YET905 kit.

Yaoertai is a company founded in 2005, which has launched a number of market-recognized smart home products, including outstanding series of smart wireless remote controls, intelligent controllers, intelligent security suites and other products.

The characteristics of this doorbell:

1. The doorbell + door lock is perfectly combined, convenient and practical;
2. Rolling code RF data, automotive-level security protection;
3. Touch the numeric keypad, simple and generous;
4. Wireless launch keyboard full metal material, breaking through the technical bottleneck, Ipx7 waterproof;
5. Battery low-voltage reminder, careful, caring.

Xiao Bian believes that in the smart life system, the door lock access control is the first pass, the first hardware that the user comes home to contact, and the last stop from home. It is the real “entry” and controls security. Determine the home life experience. In this era of buying a mobile phone with a price of 10,000 yuan, it is worthwhile to spend three or two thousand dollars to buy a smart door lock that is safe and reliable, and completely change the home experience. Yaoertai Technology will continue to pay attention.

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