What kind of wireless transmitter module and wireless receiver module should we choose?

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The arrival of the smart home era is inseparable from a small module, that is, the wireless transmitter module and wireless receiver module, do not look at his small size, but the function is very powerful, through it, control various electrical equipment in the home, and is remote, so choosing a good wireless transmitter module and receiver module is crucial. Let’s talk about the wireless transmitter module and wireless receiver module and how to choose it correctly.

wireless transmitter module and wireless receiver module.

1. Wireless Transmitter module and Receiver Module–Introduction

The wireless transmitter module and receiver module is engaged in digital audio wireless transmission, digital video wireless transmission, wireless data communication, wireless transmission system, wireless remote control and telemetry system, wireless data acquisition system, wireless network, wireless security system, etc., wireless transceiver circuit Design has always been a bottleneck in wireless applications. The wireless transceiver module integrates the functions of the high-frequency key-controlled transceiver circuit to realize high-speed data transmission with a small size and lower cost.

2. Wireless Transmitter Module and Receiver Module – Transmitter Module

Wireless transmitter module: The 200-meter four-channel remote control module does not have a battery and four transmit buttons. The antenna also becomes a flexible wire, further reducing the size, and facilitating a wireless alarm or remote control system with a single-chip microcomputer or other devices, such as a magnetic switch. The combination can be turned into a wireless door magnet, and the combination of the human body pyroelectric module can become a wireless human body sensor, and the combination of the single-chip microcomputer can issue a different front end point of the address code and the control code by using the powerful and flexible control function of the single-chip microcomputer to form a point-to-multipoint point remote control system.

wireless transmitter module and wireless receiver module.

The antenna is made of soft wire or other hard metal with a length of 23 cm. The length should not be too long or too short, otherwise it will affect the receiving distance. If using a flexible wire, use it straight and try not to get close to metal objects. The module’s operating temperature is -10 ° C ~ +50 ° C, characterized by high power, small volume, medium distance, no need for an external encoder.

3. Wireless Transmitter Module and Receiving Module–Receiver Module

Wireless receiver module: The super regenerative receiving module has seven terminals, which are 10, 11, 12, 13, GND, VT, VCC, wherein VCC is a 5V power supply terminal, GND is a ground terminal, and VT terminal is a decoding effective output terminal. 10, 11, 12, 13 are 10 to 13 pins of the decoding chip PT2272 integrated circuit, which is a four-bit data latch output terminal. When there is a signal, it can output a high level of about 5V, and the driving current is about 2mA, and the transmitter is on the transmitter. Four for a button one by one corresponds. The module’s operating temperature is -10 ° C ~ +50 ° C, characterized by low voltage, small size, cost-effective.

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