How to Properly Purchase and Install Wireless Anti-theft Alarm

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The wireless anti-theft alarm uses a physical method or an electronic technology to automatically detect an intrusion behavior occurring in the arming monitoring area, generate an alarm signal, and prompt the area where the on-duty personnel have an alarm, and display a system that may take countermeasures. The alarm host is an important facility to prevent accidents such as robbery and theft. In the event of an emergency, the location of the incident can be accurately displayed in the security control center through the sound and light alarm signal, so that emergency measures can be taken quickly. The anti-theft alarm host and the entrance and exit control system, the closed-circuit television monitoring system, the visitor intercom system and the electronic patrol system together constitute a security system.

GSM Alarm System YET2000GSM

Wireless anti-theft alarm selection points:

一. The system reliability is good

The burglar alarm system needs to be transmitted by intelligent network dedicated protocol, full digital and bus communication, with the simplest and flexible system architecture, which is convenient for design, construction, use and management. Yaoertai anti-theft alarm system has perfect design and years of experience. It has always used cutting-edge technology for innovative research and development, and can be reliably applied to various environmentsand and is in the leading position in multi-mode transmission, authenticity verification, anti-destructive design, system intercommunication, and network monitoring.The alarm system is flexible and diverse, and is generally divided into three types: independent alarm, networked alarm and wired and wireless matching.

二. Powerful, easy to expand, high integration

The alarm control host has multiple zones to choose from, which is enough to meet the burglar alarm needs of homes, commercial outlets, buildings, residential areas and other places. Moreover, the expansion is very convenient, and the wired/wireless matching module M804 can be added accordingly, and the original line is not changed, and the construction is very convenient. Telephone alarm, easy to network, alarm control host can alarm through the network, but more is to use the telephone network alarm to the alarm center, no need to apply a separate network line, very convenient. Moreover, multiple telephone alarms can be used, one telephone can’t be dialed, and another telephone can be dialed to ensure the reliability of the alarm.

三. The system cost is low, the operating costs are low

The small area can be bus-routed, which can greatly reduce the system cost, and the system’s daily use cost is lower than that of using the telephone line alarm.

anti-theft alarm controller

Wireless anti-theft alarm installation precautions

The first is the installation site selection.

Where the wireless anti-theft alarm is installed directly affects what effect it will achieve. If the wireless burglar alarm is installed in the wrong place, not only the alarm effect is not achieved, but also the reinstallation takes a lot of effort. Therefore, the installation location is the first. When installing a wireless anti-theft alarm, the host must be installed in a place with a power cord or telephone line. In addition, the installation location must be convenient for wiring, wireless alarm host is best installed in the center of all detectors, to facilitate signal acceptance, to avoid bad channel conditions.Finally, the burglar alarm is a high-frequency electronic product that is easily interfered by the magnetic field of the appliance, so it is best to install it at a certain distance from the appliance.

Followed by the selection of materials

After the installation location is selected, you have to start selecting products. First of all, for the host selection of wireless anti-theft alarm, customers will undoubtedly choose famous brands and quality assurance hosts. But while paying attention to the host, people always ignore the same important thing, that is, the pipeline. In many cases, in order to save costs, the customer’s requirements for the pipeline are always “sloppy” and not too much attention, which will bury deeper security risks. Many highly skilled thieves will choose to destroy the pipeline to achieve the purpose of making the wireless anti-theft alarm malfunction.

When selecting pipelines, avoid using anti-theft alarm devices that use PVC pipes or tanks for protection. Instead, galvanized steel pipes should be selected because PVC pipes are more susceptible to human damage due to the lack of hardness index of galvanized steel pipes. Selecting a pipeline with a large material hardness invisibly increases the self-protection capability of the wireless burglar alarm.

Finally, the concealment of the installation

The main purpose of installing a wireless anti-theft alarm is to prevent theft. The so-called enemy is clearly in the case, many thieves have been detecting the location of the crime for a long time before committing the crime, so the wireless burglar alarm must be installed in a relatively hidden place to prevent thieves from destroying. Many times, many users buy alarms directly installed in more conspicuous places, meaning to scare the thieves, want to achieve the effect of not fighting and the soldiers. But the fact is the opposite. Now many professional thieves have more understanding of security equipment than we have imagined. The initiative to turn the alarm to others is equivalent to giving the key to the other side. The highly skilled thieves can easily cracked wireless anti-theft alarm. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the burglar alarm device in a concealed manner, leaving no damage target and creating anti-alarm conditions for the perpetrator.

In addition to paying attention to the concealment of wireless anti-theft alarm installation, the concealment of the installation of the pipeline is also very important. If the thief destroys the pipeline, the wireless anti-theft alarm can not play a role. As for the concealment of the pipeline, it depends mainly on the real estate developers.It would be best if they could take this into consideration when building a building, so as to ensure the concealment of the entire transmission path to the greatest extent, without having to perform secondary construction.

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