New Breakthrough WiFi To Remote RF Intelligent Converter

1,340 Published by xia, Crystal Jun 27,2019

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In the modern society of “network” discoloration, from traditional enterprises to new-type companies, they all seek to use the Internet way of thinking to present consumers with “painful points” products. Today, in the environment where smart wearable products are heating up and smart homes are rising, it is not difficult to control home appliances through mobile terminals. Now, Xiaobian brings you a stylish, safe and convenient WIFI to remote RF intelligent converter to bring you smart life together.

When it comes to converters, it’s not unfamiliar to everyone. As a must-have consumer, it stays with you around your work and life. So what kind of passion will the collision be when the converter encounters the Internet? Let’s take a look at a WIFI to remote RF intelligent converter YET6956WRZ-V2.0 that broke through the electrical release. Let’s first understand its shape and shape from the perspective of the appearance association.

Universal WiFi To Remote RF Converter.

Look at its appearance, similar to the router, without losing the sense of technology. So the question is, what exactly does this router-like thing have to show its smart title?

Remote control, now when we use household appliances, there is a function that everyone must use, that is, regular shutdown, laundry, water, cooking, etc., but have you ever thought about how to achieve boot? Well, with this WIFI smart converter, you can remotely control the appliances you use through your mobile phone or ipad. Imagine, if you haven’t got up, you can remotely control the porridge in the kitchen, saving time and convenience; sleeping at night Before, power off all non-essential electrical appliances, saving electricity and safety.

Universal WiFi To Remote RF Converter.

For this breakthrough WIFI to remote RF intelligent converter, it is more convenient, this can be found through the panel, as long as your mobile phone or iPad is Android or IOS system, download our related control APP client, open for WLAN search, press the button on the panel to turn on the converter to enter the WIFI configuration mode. At this time, it can be remotely controlled by the mobile device. Of course, after powering down the converter, powering up does not require reconfiguration of the network.

The device also supports a variety of brand remote controllers, directly generate remote control through APP brand selection list, unknown brands can identify and add brand remote control through custom way, and then convert all the homes that need remote control control to use mobile phone APP control. Save time and convenience.

Remote management is very simple. A single transponder device can match multiple controllers of different brands. The APP can delete and rename different brands of remote controllers.

Universal WiFi To Remote RF Converter.

In order to break through the experience of electrical converters for many years, the quality standards must be unquestionable. how about it? Is it interesting to have a smart device? At present, Yaoertai Technology Co., Ltd. is already available for sale, and it is not yet a smart life in the smart age.

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