WiFi socket! Make the appliance smarter!

967 Published by xia, Crystal Apr 24,2019

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In recent years, with the continuous development of the Internet of Things, smart home life has emerged in an endless stream. While better interpreting the practicality of products, smart home products bring more intelligent and convenient experience to people. How to make your home electrical products intelligent? How can I be intelligent without replacing electrical products? How is it intelligent? Smart homes mainly focus on these issues. Today, I will talk about a successful smart home product – WiFi socket.

3 kinds of home smart WiFi plug.

An ordinary electric fan, without timing function, push button switch. If you want to lie in bed, control the fan? With WiFi sockets, these needs can be solved without changing the product. The electric fan is plugged into the WiFi socket, and the control socket realizes the control of the electric fan. When the operation point is turned on and off on the mobile phone APP, the fan switch is controlled, and the timing of the electric fan can be realized by setting the timing time.

Home smart WiFi plug has small size.

The WiFi socket WiFi is a wireless communication mode. The wireless communication modes commonly used in the smart home field include Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiFi and other wireless communication methods, such as common Bluetooth headsets and Zigbee gateway products. Press the WiFi module on the socket, and connect the WiFi module to the mobile phone, they can communicate. Operating the APP in the mobile phone, the control command sends control information to the WiFi module through the mobile phone, and the WiFi module controls the relay to control the power switch of the outlet.

The WiFi socket enables the home appliance to be intelligent without replacing the appliance. Mobile APP remote control, convenient and fast. No complicated modifications can be made by plugging in a socket. WiFi communication technology is mature and reliable, and the WiFi module is more affordable. These factors make WiFi sockets a successful smart home product.

Control the power supply to control the electrical appliances, realize the intelligentization of the power supply to realize the intelligentization of the electrical appliances, and the WiFi socket can be universally used to various electrical appliances, which is praised for innovation. However, WiFi sockets can only implement some simple intelligent control, switching and timing functions. For complex-function appliances, the control power supply cannot achieve these complex functions.

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