New home decoration wall switch originally has so much attention

1,273 Published by xia, Crystal May 25,2019

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High-quality homes, especially need to pay attention to every detail of hardcover, from the overall style, to the switch, socket settings, each place needs to fully combine the appearance, function, practicality and user experience.

Yaoertai smart wall switch.

The Yaoertai YET2166 borderless large panel series wall switch combines beauty and functionality to illuminate life from the details. This series of switches is not only simple and modern, but also has the “one-in-one” function of any combination of various functional modules. It can even customize your own personalized panel, with one to three keys to choose from.

Flat panel, integrated into the home improvement

The Yaoertai switch creatively applies the concept of geometry and home improvement to the YET2166 series of switch designs.The switch details are exquisite, and the flat structure stands on the wall without any sense of disobedience.Whether it is horizontal or side view,it looks flat and beautiful. Looking at it is a kind of enjoyment.

Moreover, the Yaoertai YET2166 series of large panel switches are extremely universal in terms of color and design, and can be fitted and integrated into any home decoration style. After the renovation is completed, the overall installation effect, the lines are smooth and neat, the details are exquisite and elegant.

Yaoertai smart wall switch parameters.

DIY customization to meet individual needs

Another advantage of the Yaoertai YET2166 series frameless large panel switch is that it can be customized for DIY. It meets the needs of users and instantly has a home improvement style that reflects individuality.

At the same time, the Yaertai YET2166 series of switches also provide a variety of engineering customization options for professional customers, to meet the diverse space design needs of customers. Let the switch and the creative wall decoration blend together, just like one, and push the decorative aesthetics of the switch, which is subversive.

Yaoertai smart wall switch.

The true attitude towards life is the requirement for living space, and it is a kind of life feeling.

Yaoertai YET2166 frameless large panel wall switch is not only a cold ice decoration, but a brewer who creates space quality life. From every corner of life, warm every occupant and interpret a wall fashion show.

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