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1,163 Published by xia, Crystal Jun 25,2019

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一、The Door Magnetic Detection Alarms

Wireless door magnetic sensor.

Speaking of family security, in addition to the surveillance cameras we know, alarm devices have always played an important role. In most people’s impressions, home alarms are not intuitively monitored by images, and the sensitivity of the alarms may be false or false due to various problems. But before it happens, the alarm is still the primary home security product.
Some netizens have questioned, what is the use of surveillance cameras to look at the picture tube, and watched the things at home being stolen? In fact, the surveillance camera also needs another partner-detection alarm. The monitoring without alarm and alarm function is not a complete security product.

Which kind of detection alarm is most useful for home users? In addition to the security door, if the thief breaks into the room from the window, how the alarm works. Today, let’s take a look at the three mainstream detection alarms for home use.

This is the simplest and most suitable alarm product for the home. It consists of two parts, one fixed on the door frame or window frame and the other fixed on the corresponding door or push-pull window. The inside of the alarm is a magnet. When the two are separated or pulled apart by a certain distance, the magnetic force disappears and an alarm is triggered.

The probability of false alarms in such an alarm is relatively small. When you are at home, you can turn off the alarm and turn it on when you are out. The small alarm can be used together with the alarm host to trigger an alarm to send alarm information to the mobile phone. It can also be used together with the surveillance camera and intelligent gateway system in the home.

二、Indoor Security Detection Alarm

WiFi Human Body Infrared Sensor.

If the door and window magnetic alarms are regarded as the perimeter protection of the home security, the indoor security precautions should also be subdivided. Can be divided into ordinary infrared detectors and motion detectors, these two functions of the alarm can be applied in different environments.

Take the infrared detector as an example, this is the standard product of many alarm consoles. The infrared detector core is a pyroelectric infrared detector element that radiates light to the surroundings and the human body can emit far infrared rays. The detector can detect whether there is anyone in the front or detectable range by receiving “information” through the infrared sensor.

In order to avoid false alarms caused by pets, the detectors are generally installed in a relatively high position, and the detectable distance is about 5m, which is suitable for general household indoor use. The detector is easy to install, high in sensitivity, does not require any auxiliary light source, consumes less power, and works normally even in a zero-light room.

If your family is unfortunate enough to have a thief, if the thief breaks into the first level, the indoor detection alarm will also detect him. Some people say that the detector has a high false alarm rate. In order to further eliminate the safety hazard, the mobile detector can be installed indoors. When the position of the fixed object moves relatively, the alarm is triggered immediately. Two types of alarms protect property security.

Motion detectors are mostly used to protect safes or important documents. This type of detector can detect that the fixed object position is moved, triggering a sensor alarm. For example, objects placed on the desktop are removed from the table, parked vehicles are activated, and so on.

This kind of detection alarm is more suitable for use with monitoring or other alarm devices. In order to maximize its functions, use video and other together, with more direct image information, with more sensitive mobile alarms, you will definitely see these important documents.

三、The Smoke Alarm Is Ignored

smoke detector size.

In addition to the above alarms for thieves, the danger signal should be set higher. For example, installing a smoke alarm or gas alarm at home can effectively prevent fire or CO poisoning.
The smoke or gas alarm works in the same principle. When a related gas or smoke is detected, the alarm sounds in time. Gas leak detectors mainly detect toxic, harmful and flammable gases to the human body. Most of them are installed in the kitchen. If the gas pipeline leaks slightly and the owner fails to detect it in time, the detector sends an alarm message to the host through the core gas sensor.

For example, household gas alarms, or users who are forced to install or purchase by themselves, believe that the accuracy of their alarms needs to be improved. Frequent alarms not only did not serve as an early warning, but many consumers chose to turn off the device, and the story of “Wolf is coming” was re-enacted.

The alarm is installed to avoid moisture or concentrated smoke. Otherwise, the long-term wet erosion can easily make the alarm slower. The natural gas is lighter than air. Therefore, the equipment for monitoring natural gas should be placed 30cm away from the ceiling. Are you installing the detector around the gas pipeline?

In order to experience the performance of the alarm, it can be judged from the alarm reaction time. For the general alarm, the response time includes the response time, the alarm time and the confirmation time. This process is suitable for 20~30 seconds.

The above summarizes the mainstream detection alarm application for the family. There are anti-theft thieves and indoor gas alarms. There are door magnetic alarms applied in the perimeter protection, and infrared alarms used in indoors. These alarm devices can be connected to the alarm host for use. If combined with the intelligent gateway system and monitoring system, the effect is more prominent.

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