Published by adminNov 10,2020

The beneficial of YET smart wifi plug

IOT smart home is a trend for every family all over the world. Wifi plug is one of the IOT syst...

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Published by xia, CrystalJul 23,2020

do you need a SAFEMATE WIFI Smart plug sockets?

  With the continuous advancement of technology, more and more intelligent is appearing aro...

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Published by xia, CrystalDec 30,2019

What does a WiFi smart socket do?

Everyone knows that there are many types of modern smart furniture and smart appliances, such as ...

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Published by xia, CrystalApr 24,2019

WiFi socket! Make the appliance smarter!

In recent years, with the continuous development of the Internet of Things, smart home life has e...

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Published by xia, CrystalMar 02,2019

Wireless smart socket makes home smarter and more conveni...

With the improvement of modern living quality, people’s pursuit is getting higher and highe...

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Published by xia, CrystalJan 22,2019

WiFi smart socket introduction and its features.

The WiFi smart socket is a product with a good idea. It utilizes the WiFi network in the existing...

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