Smart Switch Controller Brings New Experience In Smart Home

21 Published by xia, Crystal 12月 03,2018

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With the slowening of smart homes in the past two years, many people have stepped into smart homes and experienced the high-tech life brought by smart homes. For the pursuit of high-quality friends, Yaoertai Technology xiaobian recommended to everyone, intelligent remote control switch, because the switch light is a daily thing to do, although very simple, but it can make our life produce quality change.

Smart switch controller


Let’s take a look at the important components of the intelligent lighting system in the smart home – the smart switch controller.

First of all, we need to understand smart home smart lighting. The essence of intelligence is to make life better. The first thing is to simplify complicated things. What are the complicated things in traditional lighting? Traditional lighting has complicated switch wiring. Each lamp needs to be equipped with one switch wire or even two. The material cost of the switch wire is not mentioned, and the switch wire is slotted on the wall. This is cumbersome and complicated, and it will lead to an increase in the cost of decoration after slotting. Traditional lighting technology lacks innovation, and the construction wiring pattern is serious. When switching lights, it also consumes wires, which is also a waste of manpower, material resources and working hours.


Smart switch controller


From the development of society to today, it is not only the innovation of science and technology, but the transformation of people’s consciousness while technological innovation, to become more advanced and modern. So there is a smart home, smart lighting. The first step in intelligent lighting is to remove the complex switch wiring and replace the finite switch with a wireless switch. Speaking of the wireless switch, you need to introduce the smart switch controller, turn the cable into wireless, then the wireless switch needs something to connect with it, and this thing is the intelligent switch controller. The smart switch controller is added to the luminaire circuit, the intelligent switch controller is matched with the wireless switch, and the wireless technology is connected.

The first function of the smart switch controller is to replace the finite switch, and the wireless connection through the smart switch controller can have more control modes. Traditional lighting needs to be equipped with two switch lines. Now you only need to use two wireless switches to match the smart switch controller. There is no wiring. You want to put it where you want it. There is no need to worry about electricity safety at home. Wireless switch It is safer to not wire.

The function of the intelligent switch controller can also be more derivative. Wireless can replace the cable, and the mobile phone can also replace the switch. Through the intelligent gateway in the Internet environment, the mobile APP can control the intelligent switch controller, and the mobile phone control mode is even more Diversified, the mobile phone can be remotely controlled, the timer switch can be set, and the scene mode can be set to be multi-lighted.

And all this is inseparable from the smart switch controller, of course, you may have some products not used at all, because the smart switch controller has been added to the product. Bright Home Smart Home recommends that you install smart home lighting system to purchase smart switch controllers yourself. The advantage is that the price is more affordable and the choice of lamps is more free.

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