Smart home brings benefits to life

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一、The practical significance of smart home

With the success of many smart home products, the birth of intelligent home theory has added vitality to the home field. On the basis of the traditional home design and manufacturing theory, the introduction of modern high-tech and advanced manufacturing technology, research on home intelligence, not only enrich the theory of home design, but also have a positive effect on the promotion, supplement and improvement of subject knowledge. To lay a certain foundation for the future development of the intelligent home field.

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Smart home, is a residential, platform-based, construction equipment, network communication, information appliances and equipment automation, system, structure, service, management as one of the efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient, environmentally friendly living environment . On the basis of maintaining the traditional living function, it has got rid of the passive mode and become a modern tool with dynamic intelligence.Smart home not only provides a full range of information exchange functions, but also optimizes people’s lifestyle and living environment, helps people to effectively arrange time, saves various energy sources, and realizes home appliance control, lighting control, indoor and outdoor remote control, curtain automatic control,anti-theft alarm, computer control, timing control and remote control of the phone.

In fact, smart homes, in short, are intelligent decoration, intelligentizing family life, and its application is what people do every day. For example:early morning, soft lights and music wake your whole family from your dreams; in the kitchen, the timing controller has already “ordered” the microwave oven to have a good breakfast; before you go to work, you just press a button on the remote control, at home. The lights and appliances are all turned off, and the security system automatically enters the alert state;

Smart home products are products that meet the needs of modern society, improve people’s quality of life, work efficiency, and reflect scientific and humanized products. The in-depth study of smart home systems provides a theoretical basis for product design, manufacturing and sales.

二、The smart home brings 10 benefits to life

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1、When you travel with your family, you can set up a virtual scene at home, so the thief can’t act rashly. All of this is done by smart home to help you.

2、When I go home at night, my family is dark and I can’t see anything. To black out and turn on the lights is a terrible thing for a woman who is afraid of black. With the smart home system installed, everything is solved. With a small remote control, you can open the garage door, turn on the lights inside the house, turn off the alarm, and turn on all the lights and equipment you want to turn on.

3、Parents with children, if you want to be in the office, you can see the children at home through the computer.The smart home home remote monitoring subsystem enables remote monitoring of the home via the Internet and real-time monitoring of home conditions.

4、The old age is old, and the physical activity is not as good as before. It is always difficult to switch the lights. With smart home, you don’t have to lie down, sit on the sofa, lie on the bed, and you don’t have to get up again, you can easily control all the lights and appliances in your home through the remote control. Moreover, for the elderly in the back of the ear, the light can be flashed when the phone is called, and the call is reminded.

5、Background music is a must-have for fashion families. It is a leisurely thing to listen to music while doing housework and bathing. The smart home background music subsystem can realize the background music to control at any time and anywhere, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere for the family.

6、Home anti-theft is a problem that many families are concerned about. The smart home anti-theft system subsystem has the functions of indoor anti-theft, anti-grab, fire prevention, gas leakage prevention and emergency rescue.Once a gas leak occurs in your home or a thief enters the house,the anti-theft system automatically sounds and dials 15 calls until someone answers, and the family lights will automatically turn on when the alarm occurs, which will deter thieves.

7、The remote control at home, there are TVs, VCDs, air conditioners, and stereos.There are more remote controls, and troubles come. Sometimes I don’t know which one to use. Sometimes I can’t find it when I want to use it.With smart home, you don’t have to worry about too many remote controls. With just one remote control, you can control your home’s DVD, air conditioner, TV, stereo, etc. This remote control can not only control infrared appliances, but also control all the lighting appliances in the house no longer need to run the switch lights everywhere.

8、I want to turn on the lights one by one when I go to sleep, when I am away from home, at night, and then turn them off one by one, and if I accidentally forget to turn off the lights, I have to trouble again. With smart home, there is no longer any trouble. The unique one-button control of smart home can set multiple modes. By pressing a button, you can turn on or off a series of lights or appliances, and you can easily realize the meeting. “, “dining”, “away from home”, “cinema”, “starting night” and other modes, no longer need to switch appliances.

9、Children have poor self-discipline, often look at TV, play computer, do not want to sleep, with a smart home system, it is no longer a problem, through electrical control, forcibly shut down the electrical appliances in the children’s bedroom at the specified time, let he sleeps. The baby does not sleep at night, does not let the lights turn off, can also be restrained by the smart home, through the lighting control of the smart home, so that the light slowly dims in the case of the baby is not easy to detect, and gradually turn off. These controls can also effectively restrain adults.

10、On the way to work, I suddenly remembered that the TV is still not closed. It doesn’t matter. With a smart home, you can turn on or off your home appliances by making a phone call to your home. On the way home, open the water heater or air conditioner in your home by dialing the home phone, so you can enjoy hot water and cool air when you get home.

Smart home is no longer only gorgeous clothes, but also has many practical functions. It is a good helper for living at home.

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