11 basic tips for choosing smart fingerprint door locks

1,400 Published by xia, Crystal Feb 25,2019

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With the improvement of the quality of life, home security is getting more and more attention. Especially in the coming of smart home life, many families have adopted smart fingerprint door locks, password locks, as well as iris recognition, magnetic cards, RF cards, TM cards, etc., life can be said to be more and more intelligent. In the context of smart homes, novelty smart door locks can be remotely unlocked, which is often an “artifact” for forgetting the “Ma Daha” with the key, because you don’t have to worry about being locked out. Yaoertai smart fingerprint door locks manufacturers for everyone to analyze the mysterious smart lock and its smart lock selection need to pay attention to 11 small common sense.

Smart Fingerprint Door Locks can use card to open.

1, The Choice of Fingerprint Identification.

There are two types on the market today: one is semiconductor fingerprinting and the other is optical fingerprinting. Optical fingerprint recognition is wear-resistant, but the fingerprint image recognition rate of the cover on the dirty finger and the dry finger surface is very low, and the cloned fake fingerprint cannot be recognized. The semiconductor fingerprint recognition only recognizes the living fingerprint, the rejection rate is 0.1%, the false positive rate is 0.001%, and the cloned fake fingerprint is effectively recognized, and the security is high.

2, The Choice of Lock Body Material.

The lock body is crucial for the safety of the smart fingerprint door locks. The main materials of the lock body on the market are stainless steel and zinc alloy. The stainless steel has large strength and plasticity, and it is difficult to process. It is difficult to make fine and complicated. Shapes come, so the common ones are the bolts applied to the lock body and the front and rear panels of the smart fingerprint door locks with a simple shape. Zinc alloy lock body: It is the most widely used in the market. Its characteristics are: good casting performance, integral molding, firm structure, corrosion resistance, can be cast and cast beautiful and complicated components, and can also be electroplated, sprayed, painted and polished. , grinding and other treatments. Therefore, the appearance of the market is exquisite, the process is complex, basically the use of zinc alloy material.

3, Front and Rear Panel Material Selection.

The front and rear panels are generally made of zinc alloy and stainless steel. The effect and function are the same in the lock body. It is the same, so I will not repeat it here.

4, The Choice of Lock Core.

The lock cylinder is divided into three levels; A, B and B grades, simple points can be separated from the key, grade A: the key is flat or crescent type, one row or double side has a row of concave keyfoils or cross type Convex keyway on all sides; Class B: The key is flat or crescent type, with two rows of concave keyfoils or cylindrical multi-point concave keyholes on one or both sides; Super B grade: key is flat type, single There are two rows of concave and S-shaped key grooves on the face or both sides, or double-snake key groove inside and outside; A-level anti-theft time is about 1 minute, B-level is about 10 minutes, and Super B is about 270 minutes.

5, With or Without Intelligent Alarm System.

The password or fingerprint trial and error is automatically locked; when the violent unlocking is encountered, an alarm sounds automatically; when the battery voltage is too low, the alarm automatically reminds to replace the battery; when the hidden key is turned on, an alarm sounds, and when it is closed, it stops.

Smart Fingerprint Door Locks YET903 application.

Smart Fingerprint Door Lock YET903

6, With or Without Setting?A?Dummy Password.

Setting a virtual password can effectively prevent peeks and enhance security.

7, There Is An Unrelated Door That Locks The Function, and The Function Of Anti-lock.

In our daily life, we often forget to lock up when we close the door. Especially the vulnerable groups (such as the elderly or children) will forget to lock the door, which will leave the hidden danger of theft.

8, With or Without Loss of Free Handle.

The smart fingerprint door locks has the function of free handles, which can protect vulnerable groups (such as the elderly and children), and can be accidentally injured during use. Moreover, the free handle can resist violence and prevent misoperation.

9, Password Button.

The password button has a number button and a full-screen touch button, just like the previous function phone and smartphone button are the same experience, according to personal preferences, and where to use, make a choice.

10, With or Without The Choice of Slider.

The function of the slide cover protects the screen from dust and moisture.

11, The Choice of Door Opening Method.

There are various ways to open the door, such as password, fingerprint, proximity card, mechanical key, Bluetooth, and mobile phone.

The above is 11 small common sense about smart fingerprint door locks selection! Shenzhen Yaoertai Technology fingerprint lock uses blue fingerprint penetration acquisition technology, 5A drilled touch screen panel, gold 45 degree vision, HD display is powered by battery, no extra Wiring, anti-lock knob, for indoor insurance, convenient and easy, feel comfortable, but also their own patent, more secure and reliable! Yaoertai smart lock manufacturers have professional intelligent lock after-sales service personnel, intimately solve various problems for customers problem. The price of the smart lock is also priced according to the material quality of the lock, which is more in line with national demand. For those who have a need for smart fingerprint door locks, welcome to consult!

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