Is the smart door lock safe?

1,403 Published by xia, Crystal Jun 06,2019

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Affected by last year’s “Tesla Coil” incident, today’s consumers are concerned about the security of smart door lock. Therefore, many people have doubts when purchasing smart door locks. Is the smart door lock safe? Can we rest assured that it will keep the house? In this regard, let’s talk about this topic together.

After the incident of the small black box, after more than a year of technical upgrades, unfortunately, the smart lock manufacturer of “Zhong Zhao” has launched a new smart lock to make up for the shortcomings of its own products. For those who plan to buy smart locks, it is difficult for everyone to understand whether a lock was being recruited at the time.

Smart fingerprint door lock can be controlled by wireless remote control.

Is the smart door lock safe?

It is understood that the black box news exposure time is in late June 2018. After this time, the new smart locks released by the manufacturers will be designed to avoid the security risks brought by the small black box.

In order to better publicize the business, the merchant will carry out targeted publicity on the “small black box” in the promotional copy, so it is safe and credible to start such smart door locks, and if it is pitted, it can also be used as The evidence defends its own losses. Therefore, if you plan to change the smart door lock for your home, it is recommended that you buy the products of the big brand as much as possible during the purchase. The risk will be much smaller, even negligible. Even if you are unfortunate, the perfect after-sales will let The processing of subsequent problems is much simpler.

A smart lock is an electronic device designed to protect a home by substantially locking and unlocking operations on the door by the owner’s instructions. They are wireless; they use fingerprint recognition, Bluetooth or WiFi to perform their functions. Smart locks also perform other functions, such as monitoring access and sending alerts to homeowners. It can be monitored by connecting to WiFi, which allows you to control the cameras in your home and even notify visitors when they want to enter the home. They can also remotely deny or grant access through the mobile app.

Smart locks do not guarantee the safety of homeowners, but they will help them control and monitor any activity away from home. Like a normal lock, the smart door lock has a lock and a key that expands its unlocking and safety features.

What is the difference between a smart door lock and a normal lock?

Compared with ordinary door locks, smart locks can improve the security of users’ homes. They have very unique access codes that help users control and even track anyone who enters your home, and from which entrance they can learn. To increase efficiency, you can add a smart doorbell.

Its security features include: Whenever a visitor arrives at the door, the user receives a reminder that the smart door lock visually verifies who is at the door, and the user can also communicate with the visitor using the intercom system’s visitors. Very convenient, many people misplaced their house keys, but smart locks can’t happen. This is because they use a smartphone app to control the lock, and the consumer can use the remote control to control the lock and use it to remove the physical house key.

Smart locks also increase the connectivity of the home and connect with other smart devices. These devices include; a smartphone that allows users to receive alerts in the event of an anomaly, a video surveillance camera that helps you see the person on the door before opening the door, and a security alert that sends an alert to the user when the lock is changed.

Smart fingerprint door lock YET905 kit.

With smart locks, users can simultaneously authorize access. Ordinary door locks need to be assigned to the family, and others hide the extra keys outside the door to prevent forgetting to take the keys and no one is opening the door. However, putting the key in a safe place outside the door makes it hard to hide the key. It does not guarantee the safety of your house. If the user uses a smart door lock, they can unlock it by fingerprint, password, WeChat, app, iris, etc. You can open the door without the key.

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