How to choose the sliding door controller and its supporting system correctly?

107 Published by xia, Crystal Jan 16,2019

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Both the retractable door and the sliding door have a common characteristic, that is, they can be freely lifted and moved freely, and the whole system is fully operated. The core component is the sliding door controller, then how to choose a good sliding door controller and its supporting system ?

a full set of sliding door controller.

According to the need to choose an external sliding door controller or a built-in sliding door controller, the general factory, school, community door to choose an external sliding door controller, which is more convenient for doorman management. Where the flow rate is relatively large, the sliding door motor is turned on and off frequently. It is better to use a DC sliding door motor because the AC sliding door motor generates a lot of heat during frequent switching, which will affect the performance of the motor. After selecting the motor, it is best to choose to install the infrared protection device. The controller of the same sliding door motor has an infrared protection interface for the user to choose.

Here is a set of cost-effective sliding door control system:

1.Sliding door controller YET868

High confidentiality: learning code.

Automatic door closing function: The delay time is adjustable.

Soft start: The soft start force is adjustable, which reduces the starting impact and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

Soft stop: The soft stop force is adjustable to ease the impact when closing the door.

Motor running force is adjustable: adjust the running speed online to adapt to different loads.

Resist the rebound: When the resistance is adjustable, the door will open automatically when the door is closed.

Safety light: When the door is closed, pedestrians are detected to enter safe light and the door is automatically opened.

Automatic learning stroke: power-on manual switch door automatically learns the stroke once, the travel time range is 5-120 seconds.

Remote control setting: The combination button is set to half open/full open.

sliding door controller

2.Remote control YET2114

Dimensions: 63.5 × 38 × 10mm;

Working voltage: 6V;

Number of buttons: four buttons, a variety of color options, remote control of the sliding door switch and so on.

YET sliding gate controller

When it comes into contact with foreign objects within the control range, it will automatically stop and function as anti-pinch protection.

In life, the application of sliding doors is more and more widely used in various shops and shopping malls, hotels, banking hospitals, schools, institutions, factories and mines, stations, terminals, warehouses, transformer rooms and industrial plants. Therefore, for the sliding door manufacturer, it is especially important to choose a good sliding door controller and its control system.

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