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Product Name YET866 Rolling shutter receiver

YET866 Side Motor Rolling Shutter Receiver

Product Specification:

  • Memory:10pcs remote control
  • Decoding type:special receiver, only can decode the our factory YET rolling code (HCS301) remote control..
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Tech Data

1 Voltage AC220V
2 Frequency 433Mhz
3 Sensitivity ≥-105dBm
4 Static current ≤12mA
5 Tep. -40℃ ~ +80℃
6 Contact Current ≤10A
7 Remote Type Rolling code
8 Memory 10pcs
9 Size 123mm*77mm*38.7mm

 Receiver Introduction

1 Antenna
number 1 2
ON 4 Key mode Auto-close mode
OFF 1 key mode Non auto-close
3 LED RED Power
GREEN Working indicating
4 Button
LRN Learning/Delete button
AUTO Auto-close delay time setting button
TIME Running time setting
5 SW2 change the door direction up and down
6 J3 Flash Light output (AC220V)
7 Motor connector
8 Meet resist switch connector / alarm connector

How to Operate?
Noted: This receiver can work at most 10 pcs remote control, if you want add 11st, it will replace the 1st remote.
(1) remote button
①UP: Open the door
②DOWN:Closethe door
③ STOP:Stop(when unlocked) or unlock(when locked)
④LOCK:Lockthe remote

(2) Add or Delete the remote control

①Add remote control: Press the LEARNbuon(S1) on remote control 1s and release when the greenLED ON, then press any buon on the remote control, the green led flash 4 mes, it means successfully.

②Delete remote control: Press the LEARNbuon (LRN) more than 5s, release when the green led OFF.It means all remote control memory clear.

(3) running me setting

Press the running me se ng buon (TIME) 1s, release aer Green LED ON, then the motor will work, whenrunning me is ok, press any buon on the memory remote control, the green LED flash 4 mes, it meanssuccessfully. If the green led flash only 1 mes, it means failed.

(4) Auto-close delay me seng

Press the Auto-close delay time setting button (AUTO) 1s, release after Green LED ON, then the motor will work,when running time is ok, press any button on the memory remote control, the green LED flash 4 times, it means successfully.

(5) auto-close mode :The DIP switch Number 2 is ON, it is auto-close mode

(6) 4KEY/ 1 KEY: The DIP switch Number 1:

ON: 4 KEYmode

 OFF: 1 KEY mode, in this mode, only work the buon which you learned before. The work ways will be circled withopen-stop-close-stop-open… And please noted that in this 1 key mode, there is no lock and combinaon buonfuncon

(7) Changing motor working direcon: the switch SW2

(8) Combination button
a. Add new remote, press the STOP+LOCKbutton of the LEARNED(which can work with receiver) remote control,release after 1s. when green LED ON, then press any button on the remote control, the green led flash 4 times,it means successfully.

b. Running time setting, press the button DOWN+LOCK of the LEARNEDremote control 1s then release.When thedelay time is ok, press any button on
remote control, the green LED flash 4 times, it means successfully.of

c. Auto-close delay time setting : press the button UP+LOCK of the LEARNED remote control 1s then release.When the delay time
is ok, press any button on remote control, the green LED flash 4 times, it means successfully.

N o t e d : if the two button did not press at the same time,the receiver will receive the signal of the fist button, then the receiver do the first button function. For example,if you want to add new remote with button STOP+LOCK,if press STOPfirst, the receiver will be make the door STOPor make the light OFF.

■ Open code only can program our factory YET rolling code remote control with high security. When set up parameters for receiver, it only can program 10pcs remote control. If program the 11th remote control, then the first remote control will be squeezed out automatically, like this cycle.
■ With Large memory, Stable function, Low power consumption, Automatic shutdown function (Adjustable delay time) and the rebound blocked (automatically stop when blocking, and rotary 3 seconds)
■ Used for rolling shutter
■ Easy operation, measuring distance automatically: 15 to 255 seconds running time, and remote control can operate it to set the distance and delay shutdown.
■ If the completed learning remote control is missing, then you only need to remove the all stored data, and the missing remote control will be not able to operate this equipment.

Our service:

  1. Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied in 12 hours
    2. well-trained and experienced staffs to answer all your enquires in fluent English
    3. OEM&ODM, any your customized products we can help you to design and put into production
    4. Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information
    5. Deliver by air mail or ship for your orders

Trade Term:

  1. T/T payment : only 30% deposit 70% balance before shipment;
    Sample can be delivered within 3 days;
    3. Shipping freight are quoted under your requests;
    4. Discount are offered based on order quantity;
    5. FOB price are quoted under enquiry.

Company profile

Yaoertai  Technology is professional designer and qualified manufacturer(factory) of the automatic door control systems with 13 years experience .

Main product

-Programmable wireless remote,



-tubular motor control panel,

-motor group controller,

-sliding door control board,

-garage door control board,

-rolling shutter controller board and other accessories.


Can you make customized products and customized packing?

Yes. We made a lot of customized products for our customer before. We can print your logo on our product and also make colorful box for you.

Do you have a guarantee of your product quality?( Do your products carry warranty?)

We have a guarantee of one year.

 Does your transmitter waterproof?

Yes, we have waterproof models, such as YET2126/ YET2133/ YET2132/ YET2128/ YET2117/ YET2129.

How to learn a transmitter ?
After receiver enters the learning status, press the same button twice on transmitter, the indicate LED will tell the learning process is finished.

How many transmitters max can be learned into the rolling code receiver?
Different model ,different quantity. YET402PC can learn 30pcs leanring code transmitters, 6pcs rolling code max, YET402PC-V2.0 can learn 400pcs transmitters max.

 Why your products are more expensive than other suppliers’ products?
Our cost is depended on our brilliant surface, high quality raw materials, high standard of safety and technology.

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