Have you encountered these problems with your network surveillance camera?

655 Published by xia, Crystal Nov 08,2019

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Many people may encounter many problems when using the network surveillance camera. Then they don’t know how to deal with the situation. What should we do if we encounter these situations? Let’s take a look.

Network IP Camera.

Problem Highlight 1

1. What should I do if the network surveillance cameras are not in the same router?

A: Change the router IP to the same network segment. The LAN port of the router is connected to the LAN port. Do not connect to the WAN port. All the routers except the main route are closed.

2. How does the wireless camera connect to wifi?

Network IP Camera.

A: After powering on the camera, connect the phone to wifi, download APP Softmate, click on the camera on the APP to connect, the APP will automatically search for nearby cameras, and search directly to add to the phone.

3. Why is the camera seen on the phone inverted?

A: You can click the setting screen to rotate.

Problem Highlights 2

4. Surveillance camera always focuses on auto-focusing and blurring. What should I do if I need manual adjustment?

A: There will be a certain focus time after zooming, and the camera will automatically focus automatically. If you have not focused for a long time, try to zoom back again. In the case of unsuccessful attempts after many attempts, there may be other problems, you should contact the technical staff.

Problem Highlights 3

5. What should I do if the monitoring shows that the network is busy?

A: The bandwidth is not enough to expand the bandwidth. Or check if the device is online. If online, you can try to connect multiple times. (As close to the window as possible, or outdoors, so the 4G signal will be better.) Or have other hardware problems, it is recommended to call the technical line.

6. Why is the monitoring network not connected?

Answer: (1) This situation is generally caused by a problem with the router. You can try the following three methods (any one):

1 Connect the camera to the router with a network cable, plug in the camera, wait for the camera to start, and then prompt “Wait for connection”, then open the phone software to check if there is a prompt “Discover new device” in the device list.

If yes, please click “Add Device Directly”; after adding, click the camera settings in the device list to enter the network settings. In the wifi list under Network Settings, select the wifi name of the phone connection and click Enter wifi password. After the connection is successful, a small green hook will appear, so that the network cable can be unplugged and used for wireless use.

2 Check if the router has set a static IP or need to bind the MAC address to access the Internet. If you have the above settings, you need to log in to the router to cancel the connection.

3 After restarting the router, configure the network. If you can’t solve the problem, you can restore the router to the factory settings, reconnect the broadband, and then connect.

(2) The WIFI name appears in Chinese or special fonts and needs to be modified before it can be used.

(3) 5G, optical cat and portable mobile wifi are not supported.

7. Why is the monitoring remote display network busy?

A: (1) 1 There are too many people using this network, or too far from the signal source.

2 In the wifi settings of the “Settings” of the mobile phone, restore the original settings and turn off the “Don’t connect bad network” in wifi optimization.

3 The network settings of the mobile phone’s own system are confusing, resulting in a bad signal when connecting to the wireless. At this time, you can try to restore the phone network settings.

4 too many mobile phone running programs will also affect the signal problem, this can clean the software running on the phone.

(2) How to check:

1 Monitor whether the host’s IP address is modified and monitor whether the host can access the Internet.

2 Check whether the port of the host is modified and whether the related DDNS is normal.

3 Whether the port mapping of the router exists and has been modified or deleted.

8. The surveillance recorder has searched for ip, but what if the display is not online?

A: You can try these methods:

1The camera is powered normally (normal voltage 12V)

2When the camera is connected to the switch, the indicator light of the corresponding switch network port is not bright (the indicator light flashes indicating that there is signal transmission, and the network cable is no problem)

3 After the recorder has searched the IP address of the camera, has it changed the IP address of the camera, which corresponds to the IP address of the recorder.

4 The display resolution of the recorder and camera is the same (for example, the recorder only supports 2 million, the camera is 3 million)

5 crystal head did not play well, network cable problem

Problem Highlights 4

9. Why can’t the camera connect to the wireless router via wifi?

A: The camera’s wifi is passive and only connected to it by others. Just like a router, a router can only be connected to a mobile phone. It can’t actively find a mobile phone connection. Cameras are also passive, they can only wait for the phone to actively connect to them, except that the router has one more relay function than the camera. Therefore, the camera cannot connect to the wireless router via wifi.

10. Changed the wireless network password, but the webcam is not connected, the display is not online?

A: The wireless webcam is wirelessly connected to your mobile phone, such as your mobile phone network. If your wifi password is changed, and you still use the original password, how can you connect to wifi? At this time, you need to reset the camera and reconnect the device to use it normally.

If it is a wireless network camera, after the camera is powered on, the mobile phone is connected to the wifi, and after clicking the smart connection on the APP monitor, the APP will automatically search for the nearby camera, and the search can be directly added to the mobile phone.

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