Long distance wireless remote control control distance, you must master the knowledge

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Long distance wireless remote control requires precision, sensitivity, signal consistency, real-time, anti-interference, remote control distance, waterproof and dustproof, high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc., are higher than civilian remote control, industrial remote control can adapt to a variety of harsh environments; these are the reasons why civilian remote controls can not replace industrial remote controls. Industrial wireless remote control is mainly used in industrial construction, mining, container terminals, warehousing, machinery manufacturing, chemical, paper, engineering machinery and other heavy industries, using remote control to achieve remote operation of the industry.

High power wireless remote control application,

What are the factors that affect the control distance of the long distance wireless remote control?

1. Transmit power, launch point of view;

The transmission power is large and the interval is long. The absorption attenuation can be reduced by repeated wall reflection, but the power consumption is large, and the disturbance is simple; the larger the emission viewpoint, the more the infrared light can be received;

Solution: replace the battery, modify the circuit to improve the LED current, install a plurality of infrared emission tubes on the remote control, do not leave the direction of the direction, add a concave lens. The device is equipped with an infrared relay station that expands the infrared and transmits in all directions.

2. Receiving sensitivity;

The receiver’s receiving sensitivity is improved, and the remote control interval is increased, but it is simply disturbed to cause malfunction or loss of control;

Solution: Add a concentrating mirror at the infrared receiving tube, use a high-sensitivity infrared receiving tube, or add an enlarged circuit at the exit end of the infrared receiving tube, add the number of infrared receiving tubes and do not leave the front and rear of the machine in different directions.

3. The height of the antenna;

Linear antennas are used, and they are parallel to each other. The farther the remote control interval is, the larger the space is occupied. In the application, the antenna can be elongated and straightened to add remote control intervals. The higher the antenna, the farther the remote control interval is, but subject to objective conditions.

4. Hinder;

The currently used remote control uses the UHF frequency band specified by the state, its communication and light approximation, straight line transmission, small line radiation, and wall blocking between the transmitter and the receiver will affect the remote control interval, if it is reinforced concrete on the wall, the effect is greater because of the absorption effect of the conductor on the electric wave.

Yaoertai high power remote control YET2116 product size: 136 × 42.2 × 25mm; working voltage: 9V; number of buttons: 1-4 button optional. The following is a brief introduction of the specific parameters of the high-power remote remote control YET2116 and its application range.

Long distance wireless remote controller suitable for all kinds of automatic doors and windows.

Yaoertai high power long distance wireless remote control YET2116 technical parameters:

1. Product size: 136 × 42.2 × 25mm;

2. Working voltage: 9V;

3. Working current: ≤12mA;

4. Working frequency: 315MHz, 433MHz (optional) special frequency can be customized;

5. Transmitting power: 10-15mw;

6. Launch distance: 1000-3000 meters (open space);

7. Frequency deviation: ±0.2MHz;

8. Transmission rate: 50-60KHZ;

9. Oscillation resistance: according to customer requirements;

10. Coding chip:

Learning code HS1527, EV1527, HT6P20B, etc.

Fixed code HS2260, HS2262, PT2264SC2262, etc.

Rolling code HCS301, HCS300, HCS200, etc.

Copy function with copy remote control, can be used separately.

11. Number of buttons: 1-4 buttons are optional;

12. Shell color: white.

Yaoertai high power long distance wireless remote control YET2116 application:

YET2116 can be widely used in electric door and window, garage door, rolling door, automatic door, sliding door, retractable door, car, LED lighting switch remote control, smart home security and other remote control fields.

Yaoertai long distance wireless remote control, it has a variety of functions, combined with a variety of safety circuits and software programs to avoid a variety of external interference, giving users high security and stability. Its effective control range is any position with a radius of 500 meters. The operator only needs to carry a lightweight transmitter, free to walk and choose an excellent (safe) visual position to operate, clearing the past due to unclear line of sight, line restraint, poor environment or command coordination. Unexpected accidents caused by improper factors. That is to ensure the safe operation and greatly improve the production efficiency.

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