LED light remote control works and how to match

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The LED light remote control adopts RF wireless radio frequency technology. By embedding a wireless receiving module inside the lamp bead, and then equipped with a remote control housing and embedding a wireless transmitting module, this is the LED light remote control!

LED light remote control can control our home light strip system.


Unlike the early limited switch control of the lights, the LED light remote control is simpler and more convenient, helping to solve the limitations that are often felt in life. For example, when multiple switches are needed to control one light; when the furniture moves because of life needs, it blocks the switch installed on the wall; when the decoration has been completed and the light control switch needs to be added… The post-renovation requirements have put new demands on the electrical installers. The LED light wireless remote control should be born in the life demand, and the wireless intelligent lighting control module should be born from the LED light remote control.

LED light remote control works:

(1) The LED light remote control is composed of two parts. The LED light remote control and the wireless transmitting module form a transmitting part. The wireless transmitting and receiving module in the LED light remote control is used as a component in the circuit, the most important of which is Part of it is the wireless transmitting and receiving module of the LED light remote control. They can realize the seamless connection, small size, low price and best use in the LED light circuit, which brings a great deal to our LED light remote control work. convenient!

4 buttons LED light remote control.


(2) In addition, the receiving part of the LED light remote control is an LED lamp bead, and the wireless receiving module has strong stability, high sensitivity and relatively good anti-interference ability.

The LED light remote control controls the lighting power supply. The dedicated remote control has a single control, two-way control, and three-way and four-way control. A wireless receiving module is installed in the LED lamp head, and the wireless receiving module is connected with an encoder and a switch module for controlling the light to be turned off; the remote controller is provided with a wireless transmitting module matched with the wireless receiving module in the lamp cap, and the wireless transmitting module is connected with an encoder. With IR infrared remote control mode, more than 2 million colors can be adjusted through the equipped remote control, and the brightness of the light can be adjusted in multiple levels. The color of the light can be DIY to adjust the various colors that you like. So, many people don’t know how the LED light remotes are paired. How do you simply operate them?

How to pair LED light remotes:

Pair code and grouping:

Each lamp is shipped with a pair of remote controls in the box and can be used directly. In case of garbled characters and remote control loss, the new remote control needs to be re-coded with the lamp before it can be used. The method is as follows: After the drive and the load lamp are connected normally, the lamp that needs group control is selected, and the power is cut off. After 10 seconds, the power is turned back on, and the left hand uses the switch to turn on the light (within 3 seconds) and the right hand continuously presses the remote control end. The light will “slow down three times” to confirm that the first set of pairings and groupings were successful. To pair the second group, press the number 2 button, and so on, until all the lights to be grouped are grouped. (Note: The left hand turn on the light and the right hand press the remote control must be synchronized, otherwise the code will fail, each light can only match one of the same remote control, one remote can match countless lights, but one light is the most only 4 remote controls can be accepted at the same time).

Clearing and regrouping:

If the room layout changes, or the preference changes, you may need to change the previous group. You need to clear the remote control LED address code before regrouping. The method is as follows: turn off the light after turning off the light for 10 seconds, turn on the light in the left hand. (Within 3 seconds), press the full-open button on the top of the remote control for 5 times in the right hand. The light will flash “10 times” to confirm the clearing. After the lamp clearing code is successful, the code must be re-applied before the method is the same as the above.

A small LED light remote control allows you to control a light switch from the simplest controller to a complex controller that controls the entire network.

In addition, Yaoertai LED light remote control can use the obstacle (such as: wall) to reflect the remote control, within the effective range, a remote control can control multiple LED lights. This simple?Yaoertai wireless remote control can change the quality of your life. The wireless remote control will be more popular in the home lighting, lying on the bed, the light you want it to light it bright, you want it to turn it off, you can easily control the LED lights at home.

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