Analyze the Types, Applications and Manufacturers of LED Controllers

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With the rapid development of technology, a variety of LED controllers have appeared on the market, and the demand for LED controllers is also growing. The editor will take you through the LED controller.

The LED controller is a switch that controls various positions in the LED lamp circuit through chip processing. The controller then controls the driving circuit according to a preset program to cause the LED array to regularly emit light, thereby displaying characters or graphics.

In the rapid development of science and technology, the functions of high-end technology products provided by each enterprise are also constantly improving. With the rapid development of industry, there is more and more demand for various high-tech products. Therefore, these products are also developing with different types, so what are the classifications of LED controllers? These types what are the advantages and disadvantages? Let us look at the introduction below.

LED controller classification one: low-voltage LED products high-power controller

The voltage of these products is usually set between 12V and 36V, and the number of LEDs in each circuit must be three to six in series. The current is stepped down to use resistors. The current of each loop should be guaranteed to not exceed 20mA, and a led product is formed by multiple loops led.

Advantages: simple mechanism, low pressure, simple design

Disadvantages: When the product scale is large, it will consume a lot of current. At this time, the low-voltage switching power supply, because of the shortcomings of the equipment, can not achieve long-distance power transmission, so this type of intelligence is limited to products with relatively small volume.

LED controller classification two: high voltage LED product controller

When this type of design voltage is used, AC/DC 220V voltage is usually used, and the number of LEDs in each circuit should be 36-48 in series. The current of each loop should not exceed 20mA. There are two ways to limit current. It is a resistor current limiting and resistor-capacitor series current limiting. The former consumes the resistor function. The latter has low power consumption, but can only be used in a stable constant light state. If the flash capacitor stores energy, the voltage will double. Will damage the led.

LED controller classification three: low-voltage LED product serial controller

The main feature of this type of controller is that it has a variety of control channels. It mainly uses the serial signal transmission method to achieve the control purpose. Usually, the 512 unit control only needs four control connections,the serial led controller needs to be equipped with registers on the led light source board. When selecting the type of the controller, you should also pay attention to selecting the appropriate ones to ensure the maximum capacity of the device.

LED controllers can be widely used in architectural decoration: commercial places, airports, subway stations; interior decoration: hotels, shopping malls, squares, restaurants, bars, homes, etc.; advertising signs and billboards; other places where RGB LED lights can be used .

LED controllers manufacturers recommend: Yaoertai Technology YET422 LED controller has 7 modes, sequential conversion: monochrome mode; monochrome strobe; multi-color strobe; multi-color breathing; monochrome strobe; multi-color strobe. The brightness and speed of the lamp and the number of flashes can be adjusted.

Universal wireless LED controller switch

It is very important to choose a professional LED controllers manufacturer. Shenzhen Yaoertai Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in (RF) wireless transmitter module, wireless receiver module, wireless remote controller, wireless receiver, wireless controller, led controller and other related products. Manufacturing and sales of high-tech enterprises. The led controller has good operability and stability, can meet the OEM, ODM and other needs of different customers, and is equipped with advanced and mature design solutions, and thousands of successful customer cases, so that customers have no worries!

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