Incandescent lamp, energy saving lamp, LED bulb lamp, which of the three lamps is more eye-protecting?

1,246 Published by xia, Crystal Jan 04,2020

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Choosing a table lamp is not difficult at all, but if the problem is to choose a table lamp for children, it is estimated that many people will be stumped. Children’s eyes are more sensitive than adults. It is still not assured to buy a lamp for children, so eye protection is still the most important thing for children’s desk lamps.

So the question comes, how to choose an eye-protection lamp? There are a wide range of table lamp products on the market, ranging from dozens to hundreds of thousands. Which one is an eye protection table lamp suitable for reading? In fact, we took out the most critical light source and talked clearly, and the eye protection light is not difficult to choose.

Through ordinary feelings, everyone should find that under the influence of different lights, the eyes will feel differently. The eyes are light-sensitive organ light. Prolonged use of inappropriate lamps can hurt our eyes. Today we will compare incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, and LED bulb lamps that are familiar in life. These three lamps are compared to see which one is more eye-protecting.

Universal Smart LED Bulb

Incandescent lamp is the earliest electric lamp. It is an electric light source that heats the filament to an incandescent state and uses thermal radiation to emit visible light. Although the light of the incandescent lamp is yellow (lower color temperature), it does not affect it to become the artificial light source closest to the sun. It is an ideal reading light.

However, the incandescent lamp has low photoelectric conversion efficiency, consumes electricity, and has a short life. Although the upgraded version of the halogen lamp improves the life problem, it cannot change the fact that it is eliminated by the market. As far as eye protection is concerned, its eye protection effect should be the best!

Energy-saving lamps are an alternative to incandescent lamps. Their small size and high photoelectric conversion rate save much more energy than incandescent lamps. Their service life is also 6-10 times that of the former, and they have occupied a world in the lighting market.

However, the start-up of energy-saving lamps is very slow and belongs to the bright-line spectrum (discontinued), so the usual energy-saving lamps are purple, and things will change color when viewed under the energy-saving lamps. Blue will turn purple, and red and yellow will look more vivid. Color-matching workplaces should not use energy-saving lamps. Of course, under such a light source, it is not suitable for children to read, and the eye protection effect is poor.

The LED bulb is the mainstream product in the current lamp market, and its long life, energy saving and environmental protection are the first choice for many parents. Usually it is not a big problem to use, but if it is in terms of eye protection, it is not recommended to use LED lights. Mainly because most LED lights need to combine yellow-green light with blue light to emit white light. The blue light is actively emitted light and will be 60% stronger than other excited lights. Blue light will cause irreversible damage to the eyes.

In short, in terms of eye protection, the effect of incandescent lamps is the best. Therefore, when purchasing eye protection lamps, we can start with the light source and choose the table lamp that is closest to the sunlight, so that the “eye protection lamps” will not become “eye-harming lamps”. If consumers still do n’t know how to choose eye protection lamp, they can refer to this table lamp to choose:

Universal Smart LED Bulb

Finally, I want to tell you that eyes are the only tool we use to see the world, and artificial lights are an indispensable part of our lives. When you choose a table lamp for your children, you still have to choose carefully and not be “eye-protected” , “Low blue light”, “no flicker” and other surface labels.

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