Do you know the smoke alarm?

1,237 Published by xia, Crystal Oct 25,2019

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The smoke alarm is a common fire warning device that can accurately sense the smoke generated by the fire in the early stage of the fire and quickly alert people.

Wireless photoelectric smoke sensor

Generally speaking, the fire development process can be roughly divided into an initial stage, a development stage, and an attenuation extinguishing stage. Smoke alarms have the ability to detect fire signals early, and their general principle is to prevent fire by detecting the concentration of smoke. When a substance burns, it tends to produce smoke first, followed by visible and invisible light, and there is always a process when the substance begins to burn until the fire becomes larger. The smoke detector will “capture” when the substance burns. The signal “” and the “signal” that is “captured” into an electrical signal that is transmitted to the controller of the automatic fire alarm system.

Wireless photoelectric smoke sensor

According to different structures, the smoke detector can be generally classified into an ion smoke detector, a photoelectric smoke detector, and the like. The working principle of the ionized smoke detector is that the radiation source Mei241 in the ionization chamber is positive and negative ions generated by ionization, and the positive and negative electrodes move under the action of the electric field. Under normal circumstances, the current and voltage of the internal and external ionization chambers are stable, but when a fire occurs, smoke enters the external ionization chamber, which interferes with the normal operation of the charged particles, which causes the current and voltage to change, destroying the internal and external ionization. The balance between the chambers, when detecting the voltage increase at both ends of the ionization chamber reaches a certain value, the detector will induce this, and the switching circuit will transmit the alarm information.

The photoelectric smoke detector is composed of a light source, a photoelectric element and an electronic switch. The light scattering principle is used to detect the smoke generated in the early stage of the fire, and an alarm signal is issued in time. Its working principle is to use a light-emitting element and a light-sensitive element, and the light normally emitted by the light-emitting element is incident on the photosensitive element through the lens, and the circuit is maintained normally. If smoke is blocked from it, the light reaching the photosensitive element will be significantly weakened, and the photosensitive element will convert the light intensity change into a current change, and an alarm signal will be sent through the amplifying circuit.

It can be seen that both the ionized smoke detector and the photoelectric smoke detector are composed of a main part such as a sensing element, a detecting circuit and a communication circuit. These three important components, due to their optical, physical and electrical characteristics, will inevitably be affected by the external environment and their own defects, resulting in false positives and false negatives of the detector. Therefore, in use, in order to avoid and reduce the false alarms and false negatives of the smoke detectors as much as possible, it is necessary to take corresponding measures to avoid the occurrence of external interference factors and the detector’s own defects.

In life, you should pay attention to the smoke alarm in time, and prevent firefighting in the first place.

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