Intelligent technology | WIFI intelligent built-in tubular motor controller

1,212 Published by xia, Crystal Mar 11,2019

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YET846-WiFi (Intelligent Built-in Tubular Motor Controller) is a multi-control intelligent controller with WiFi and RF433M as the core. It can control the opening, stopping and closing of curtains by far-and short-range wireless remote control. Limit detection, working status detection, power-off memory and other functions; the product has a variety of working modes. This product is mainly used in various application fields such as electric roller shutter window, electric roller shutter door and electric sunshade roller.

a full set of tubular motor electric roller shutter WiFi controller.

Product highlights support RF remote control one-to-many control mode, group open group to close multiple devices; support power-on network technology: easy to access the network; support upper and lower limit detection and roller shutter work status detection function; support WiFi intranet or external network connection: can be controlled as single product or networking [multi-product]; support RF433 wireless control, convenient for more application places; support self-locking, jog two working modes; support power-off memory function;user can scan download and install the QR code below.

After you have successfully registered and clicked on the device, click Add Device to enter the option to add device.On this page,select the device to add device according to the wireless communication mode of the new device.

Enter the one-click configuration page, enter the WiFi password of the current wireless network, click OK to enter the network access mode; at the same time, press the network access button on the new device three times continuously. At this time, the indicator light on the device keeps flashing to indicate that the device enters the network access mode; During the network access process, you may need to wait for a few seconds or longer (this is mainly based on the current wireless WiFi network environment). After the network access is successful, the indicator on the device becomes slow flashing, and the APP terminal displays the added device. Success. Click the finish button and congratulations, you can now operate the newly added device normally.

WiFi control to close the roller shutter.

Electric door wifi controller YET845WIFI

After you successfully add a new device, click on the new device you added to enter the following main control page of the product; at this time, you can enjoy the fun and convenience of this smart product.

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