Infrared detection alarm working principle and related introduction.

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Infrared alarm working principle: After installing the detector in the area to be protected (such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, warehouse, store, etc.), if the thief enters the prevention area, the detector will detect the human body infrared. And immediately emit a digitally encoded alarm signal, which is received by an infrared alarm installed within one kilometer, immediately emits a harsh alarm sound, scares the thief, reminds the owner, the owner can follow the alarm light on the infrared alarm panel Clear the location of the alarm and go to catch the thieves. The machine also has an automatic memory alarm time function. If the owner is not at home, then when you go home, you can know when the thief is visiting the home.

Infrared detection alarms are divided into active and passive. The active infrared detection alarm is an alarm that actively emits infrared rays. When the infrared rays hit an obstacle, they will bounce back and be received by the probe of the alarm. If the probe is detected, the infrared light is still, that is, the red line is continuously emitted and rebounds continuously, then the alarm will not alarm. When a moving object violates this invisible red line, the probe will detect an abnormality and will alarm.

Infrared is a band in the electromagnetic spectrum that is between the microwave band and the visible band. Electromagnetic waves with wavelengths longer than 0.78 μm up to 100 μm belong to the infrared band. Since its wavelength is longer than the wavelength of red light in visible light, it is located outside the red spectrum of visible light, so it is called infrared. Infrared light can also be called infrared light or non-visible light.

Infrared alarms use infrared sensors to detect the presence of foreign matter. When an object is found to be moving, the infrared alarm will immediately sound an alarm. Infrared alarms are relatively high-tech products. Many infrared alarms are installed in places where valuables are stored. With this kind of infrared alarm, everyone will be more at ease.


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