The working principle and function of infrared alarm sensor

55 Published by xia, Crystal Dec 26,2018

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Infrared alarm sensor are widely used in various security industries and home security, and are important equipment for preventing theft and monitoring. They are very popular. Next, let’s take a closer look at the infrared burglar alarm to see how it works and its features.

infrared alarm sensor

The infrared alarm sensor is called “Photoelectric Beam Sensor”. Its basic structure includes aiming hole, beam intensity indicator, spherical lens, LED indicator and so on.

Infrared is invisible light. This kind of light has a relatively low frequency of propagation and has a certain expansion effect. The infrared alarm sensor is made by utilizing the physical properties of infrared rays. At present, there are many types of infrared alarm sensor products in the market. Now it is the golden stage of burglar alarm equipment, providing more professional infrared alarm sensor service for more users.

infrared alarm sensor

Features of infrared alarm sensor:

▼ Wired, bus compatible, live holographic real-time report;

▼ Dedicated DSP chip, patent multi-dimensional fault tolerance, true detection and alarm technology;

▼ Using a eccentric spherical high precision optical focusing mirror;

▼ Intelligent power transmission, self-developed chip can automatically sense the changes of the surrounding environment, automatically adjust the emission power of the radiation according to the environmental conditions, greatly extending the service life of the launch tube, and reducing the power;

▼ Digital fuzzy artificial intelligence recognition, using artificial intelligence fuzzy judgment, the false positive rate is minimized;

▼ Up and down optical lens adjusts structure at the same time, making adjustment faster and more accurate;

▼ Full-featured diagnosis, environment adaptive.


The above is about the working principle and function characteristics of the infrared alarm sensor. Any questions about the infrared alarm sensors are welcome. Yaoertai Technology has been focusing on the development and production of various security products such as infrared sensor for more than ten years. The quality is excellent, the system is excellent, and it is trustworthy. Please feel free to contact us for cooperation!

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