Wireless remote control manufacturers explain the advantages of the gate remote control

1,100 Published by xia, Crystal Nov 13,2019

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There are more than one control method for the gate, such as manual control, button control, remote control, computer control and induction control, but no matter which control method is used, it is inseparable from “rising”, “down” and ” Stop “3 main operations. In life, the most common is to use the remote control of the gate remote control. We know that the remote control of the gate is not only easy to carry, but also very simple to operate. The Yaoertai gate remote control products are remotely controlled in the cell gate, the farthest distance can reach 150 meters, so that you can operate freely from 100 meters away.

2-channel universal wireless receiver and remote control

Then, what are the specific advantages of the gate remote control in practical applications? Shenzhen wireless remote control manufacturer Yaoertai said that as a kind of remote control supplemented with industrial wireless remote control, the gate remote control has been widely used in the fields of community, sentry box, parking lot, etc. If it does not open, it will mainly manifest in the following four aspects:

First, save manpower, high efficiency, and lightly press the switch to save time and effort.

Second, safety, with emergency stop. Press the emergency stop button to cut off the main power and keep away from the suspended objects and danger zones.

Third, convenience and excellent performance. Any manipulation of the conversion and interlocking is to move the “operating room”.

Fourth, the maintenance cost is low and the transformation is fast. The button life is 30 million times, no maintenance, no care, easy to use.

In general, the use of high-quality, high-sensitivity gate remote control can save worry and effort, remote control scheduling less coordination, reduce maintenance costs, high efficiency, safety and reliability.

Shenzhen wireless remote control manufacturer Yaoertai electronics independently innovates in research and development and production of gate remote control. All products are in strict accordance with the national ISO9001 quality management system requirements, from the appearance, quality and other aspects to meet the individual needs of users. It can be seen that, in appearance, the remote control of the remote electronic gate is small in size, with many different styles, generous and beautiful; but only when it is actually used, it will know, the quality, the advantage of the remote electronic remote control is also concentrated on simple use, long life and reliable performance.

With the professional wireless sensor technology, Yaoertai, its gate remote control products can start the power failure manual and automatic lifting device of the gate in time. The security and management personnel can lift the gate bar directly in the booth. Simple and convenient, it is an important tool to help social security management.

Yaoertai, the full name of Shenzhen Yaoertai Technology Development Co., Ltd., specializes in wireless remote control, wireless transceiver module, wireless controller and other wireless remote control product development, manufacturers have rich experience, strong supply capacity, worthy of your trust.

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