What should I do if the garage door remote control is lost?

889 Published by xia, Crystal Aug 08,2019

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In the face of the majority of customers, “What should I do if the garage door remote control is lost?” “There is still one spare, worrying about others getting caught, afraid of being stolen, how to change the frequency?”, “All lost, one is gone, what should I do?” “Where to buy, where can I match” and so on, today, let Yaoertai Technology Xiaobian come to answer for you.


Universal smart wireless remote control.

What should I do if the garage door remote control is lost? The remote control system solves the problem for you. The garage door remote control can be completely discarded. The garage door remote control, automatic garage door remote control, rolling door remote control and retractable door can also be copied. Remote control; change code, delete lost remote control, eliminate security risks; motherboard repair; rebound force adjustment; host repair, replace one-stop service. The frequency of the remote control does not need to be changed at all, and its repetition rate is extremely low. If you must insist on changing the frequency, please refer to the steps below.

Garage door remote control copy type learning method

Universal smart wireless remote control.

The first step is to clear the existing address code.

First of all, we must simultaneously press and hold the two BC buttons on the top of the remote control. At this time, the LED flashes and then turns off. After about 2 seconds, the LED flashes quickly. This indicates that the original address code has been cleared. At this time, all the buttons are flashed. Turn it off and turn it off.

The second step is to copy the address code of other remote controllers.

Keep the original remote control and the learning remote control as close as possible, while holding down the button to be copied and the button of the learning remote control. This latest lightning learning technology usually takes only 1 second to flash quickly, which means that the button is The address code has been learned successfully! The other three buttons on the remote control are also operated in the same way.

We can even combine two remote controllers (with the same frequency) of different address codes into one self-learning remote. It should be noted that sometimes the original remote control and the learning remote control are important in the mutual learning position. Some may have better head-to-head effect, and some may have better back-to-back effect. Customers can try to learn more times and see which one to study. The remote control distance is farthest.

Recovery operation after misoperation:

If you accidentally accidentally clear the address code of the self-learning remote control, you can also press the two D,A buttons under the remote control at the same time for about 2 seconds, the LED will flash 3 times and then start flashing quickly. The address code that was accidentally cleared has been successfully restored.

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