Maintenance of garage doors and their garage door controller.

1,009 Published by xia, Crystal Jan 04,2019

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General houses have garages, garage doors and garage door controller?are one of the important parts of home equipment, which can easily cause malfunction and damage due to long-term use. The following is a brief introduction to the structure and maintenance knowledge, so that you can maintain and repair yourself. The car door is generally composed of a door body, a bracket, a spring, a steel cable, a chain and a controller. The spring and the steel cable are often damaged, and the garage door controller is required for maintenance and debugging. It mainly introduces three parts that need to be maintained.

garage door controller application.


The spring acts to balance the weight of the garage door and it has a long life. The length of time varies depending on the frequency of use. Therefore, it is recommended that you switch the garage door as little as possible to extend the life of the spring and save energy. Once the spring breaks, it must be replaced. Due to the high tension of the spring, there is a danger of injury when replacing. Some tips, people who don’t figure it out don’t try blindly. There are two springs in the double garage single door. If the single spring is broken, it is recommended to replace both at the same time.

2.Steel Cable

There is a hanging steel cable at each end of the garage door. In the lower part of the cable, it is easily rusted due to the erosion of rain and snow. Regular maintenance, anti-rust paint on the lower part of the cable and the bracket is an effective means to extend the life of the cable. The cable is broken, and it is best to replace both sides at the same time. The building materials market is sold, you can buy it yourself.

garage door controller application.

3.Garage Door Controller

The garage door controller is equivalent to the CNC door lock of your own home, which requires regular maintenance to ensure the safety of the entry door. There are several situations:

Lost garage door remote;

Lend garage door remotes to less familiar people and tenants. There is now a remote control for learning the memory remote;

Tell the garage door control password to others and tenants;

The car’s door controller matched the garage door and now the car has been sold without a delete reset;

In these cases, you must reset the garage door controller, empty the memory, and re-match;

When the remote control is matched, be aware that the neighboring home is not using the garage door remote control, causing a mismatch.

Many cars now have the function of controlling 3 garage doors, which many friends have not noticed. No need to bring another garage door remote control, it is very convenient to use. I suggest that interested friends may wish to try it.

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