Brief analysis of the design of the family burglar alarm system

1,312 Published by xia, Crystal Oct 21,2019

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The design of the anti-theft alarm system is based on the assumption that it is aimed at home security users, to ensure the safety of life outside the home, to carry out all-round piecemeal protection, set up a practical and safe cherished wall, it also covers the ordinary family burglar alarm all the hard work of the fragmentary design, it is easy, active, no need to cumbersome control, or set up a safe and ineffective to avoid the Internet.

anti-theft alarm controller

The first family home burglar alarm is designed by a family alarm host and various front-end detectors. The front-end detector is divided into wired and wireless door magnets, window magnets, infrared detectors, wired and wireless gas leak detectors, wired and wireless infrared pairs. Shooting detectors and so on. When someone steals, the detector will be shaken, and the home host will immediately transmit the alarm signal to the reserved phone.

The home burglar alarm is designed to be a hub of the entire anti-theft system. The signal commands from all sensors are used to receive, identify, and classify. The functions of the main unit are all. The first is to reveal the position of each detector. The second is to set the equipment code to ensure the safety of the piecemeal. The third is to make intelligent telephone and telephone alarms. The fourth is whether Whether the phone on the alarm output port is applied, the alarm machine has the right to priority alarm. The fifth is that the phone can be dialed through the host, and the code is used for remote control, such as monitoring, control, and closed alarm. It is a telephone short circuit alarm. The seventh is that when power is cut off, the chip will automatically apply the spare battery. The eighth is the existence of automatic cherished efforts to ensure that monitoring data is not lost.

The door magnet is first formed by two parts, one part is mounted on the door and the other part is mounted on the door frame. When the door is opened, an alarm signal is sent to the host, the ineffective distance is up to 700 meters, and the infinity distance is 150 meters, it is not responsible for maintenance, and it is very rough.

Wireless door magnetic sensor

Wired and wireless smoke detectors and gas disclosure detectors, the smoke detectors are the most coarse in the 20 square meters scale. When the smoke content reaches the data set by us, it will make a beep. At the same time, the sound sends an alarm signal to the host, which effectively prevents the occurrence of fire. If the living gas leak occurs in the home, the detector will detect it in the first time and give an alarm to prevent the occurrence of vital gas poisoning and ensure the family staff and family property peace.

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