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Wake up every morning, look for the remote control everywhere or go open the curtains manually, in order to slowly feel the first sunshine in the morning; in fact, this is very troublesome, because with the deep development of the Internet +, more and more people are experiencing the benefits of smart homes for life. Many owners want to make their homes into an intelligent modern living room, especially installing an electric curtain. It saves you effort and effort. Let’s share with you about electric curtain WiFi controller. The advantages and disadvantages of the electric curtain WiFi controller kit, I hope to help everyone’s home purchase.

a full set of tubular motor electric curtain WIFI controller.

Basic classification:

From the installation can be divided into built-in and external:

The built-in electric curtains do not see the motor, and only the track is seen from the surface; the external type of name motor is bare outside.

Electric opening and closing curtain series, electric lifting curtain series, electric ceiling curtain, electric sun visor, electric awning, etc., such as venetian blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds, soft curtains, wind curtains, honeycomb curtains, etc.

Formally divided

Electric opening and closing curtains, electric roller blinds, electric blinds, outdoor awnings, outdoor blinds, outdoor sun visors, hollow venetian blinds, full or semi-light-shielding guide roller blinds.

According to the electric opening and closing curtain motor can be divided into:

The electric opening and closing curtain system includes a track system, a control system and a decorative curtain. In recent years, the product rail system produced by the product has a DC motor drive, an AC motor drive and an electromagnetic drive.


The electric curtain machine consists of three parts:

First, the intelligent controller system that controls the opening and closing of the curtain.

Second, operate and set the wireless controller of the main controller.

Third, the actuator that pulls the curtain – the motor and the pulling mechanism. The main machine controls the positive and negative rotation of the motor, and the curtain is automatically closed or opened by the pulley.

Electric curtains are essentially the same as traditional curtains. They are mainly used for shading, protecting personal privacy and meeting the needs of users. In addition to the advantages of traditional curtains, electric curtains have other advantages.

Good intelligence

Electric curtains are innovative in terms of performance in order to facilitate the use of more people, taking into account the needs of men, women and children. The electric curtain can control the curtains freely through the wireless controller, no need to manually pull the curtains, and the electric curtains can be scheduled in advance, and the electric curtains can be set regularly. The electric curtains can be automatically moved without any accident.


Electric curtains can not only use the remote control to control the movement of the curtains, but also can be manually pulled, taking into account the situation of power outages in a million, avoiding the situation that the curtains cannot move due to power failure. In addition to remote control control, manual stretching, group control is also very convenient.

Good mute effect

The electric curtains are operated with high-quality silent ball and gear belts. The sound generated by the friction between the two people achieves the lowest effect, which is much smaller than the traditional curtain noise, which basically brings perfect mute effect.

First of all, you need to know that an electric curtain is roughly composed of those things, so that you don’t have to pay more for something that is not important.

How much does it cost to install smart home electric curtains?

A full set of electric curtain WIFI controller

Generally speaking, an electric curtain is composed of three parts:

1) Electric curtain motor: If you need to install monorail curtains, you need two, and two rails need two. A good electric curtain motor with a good mute effect is about 700-800 yuan;

2) Electric curtain track: the number is the same as that controlled by a motor, the track is generally calculated by meters, the length is mainly based on the actual, and the good point is below 200 yuan/m;

3) Need a remote control: the remote control is divided into a wall remote control, a handheld remote control, and generally a curtain with a remote control. It is ok to install one of the above two remote controls. It is not necessary to install two, because it can also be remotely controlled by a mobile phone. The general remote control is about 120 yuan;

4) Curtain lifter: This is generally used. It is only used on windows with high floor height, which is convenient for changing curtains. The quiet mute electric curtain lifter is generally around 1200.

The rest is the money for workers wiring and installation. Each company is different, so the price is different. According to an ordinary person, the total price of a single track and one meter electric curtain is about 1,200 yuan. When you buy electric curtains WiFi controller kit in the future, you can follow the above to compare.

Electric curtains are no more than ordinary cloth curtains. In terms of simple installation, you should not be afraid of installation troubles when you are tall, but since it is electric curtains, it must be installed, because once it is not controlled, it will be repaired again. It is very troublesome, so we must pay attention when we first install it. Xiaobian still recommends that people who install electric curtains professionally install it more safely.

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