Is the electric curtain worth installing?

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Electric curtains, also known as smart curtains, are made up of intelligent electric curtain controller systems that control the opening and closing of curtains, wireless controllers that operate and set up the main controller, and motors and pull mechanisms that pull the curtains.

Next, let’s take a look at the advantages of smart home electric curtains.

A full set of electric curtain WIFI controller

Electric curtains are essentially the same as traditional curtains. They are mainly used for shading to protect personal privacy to meet the needs of users. In addition to the advantages of traditional curtains, electric curtains have other advantages.

Advantages of electric curtains:

1. Smart effect is good

Electric curtains are innovative in terms of performance in order to facilitate the use of more people, taking into account the needs of men, women and children. The electric curtain can control the curtains freely through the wireless controller without manually pulling the curtains, and the electric curtains can be scheduled in advance, and the electric curtains can be set regularly, and the electric curtains can be automatically moved without any accident.

2. Multi-level consideration

Electric curtains can not only use the remote control to control the movement of the curtains, but also can be manually pulled. This is to fully consider the situation of power outages in a million homes, to avoid the situation that the curtains cannot move due to power failure. In addition to remote control control, manual stretching, you can also control the phone wifi, very convenient.

3. Good mute effect

The electric curtains are operated with high-quality silent ball and gear belts. The sound generated by the friction between the two people achieves the lowest effect, which is much smaller than the traditional curtain noise, which basically brings perfect mute effect.

a full set of tubular motor electric curtain WIFI controller.

Disadvantages of electric curtains:

1. Expensive

Electric curtains are different from traditional curtains. They are high-tech products. Some of its internal components are very expensive and cannot be accepted by ordinary families.

2. Limited life

Electric curtains work with DC brush motors or DC brushless motors, which have a service life of three to five years. The price is high and the service life is short, and its market share will drop.

3. Insufficient maintenance technology

Electric curtains are high-end technology products. Once they are damaged due to some kind of accident, the manufacturer can’t guarantee to repair the electric curtains within 24 hours, which brings inconvenience to many people.

How much does it cost to install electric curtains?

Generally speaking, an electric curtain is composed of three parts.

1. The electric curtain motor needs one if it is to install a monorail curtain, and two for a double rail. A good electric curtain motor with a good mute effect is about 700,800 yuan. For reference only, the prices of each place shall prevail.

2. The number of electric curtains is the same as above, and one track is controlled by one motor. The track is generally calculated in meters, and the actual point is 200 yuan/m or less. For reference only, the prices of each place shall prevail.

3. Need a remote control, the remote control is divided into wall remote control, handheld remote control, generally a curtain remote control. It is ok to install one of the above two remote controls. It is not necessary to install two, because it can also be remotely controlled by a mobile phone. The general remote control is about 120 yuan. For reference only, the prices of each place shall prevail.

4. Curtain lifter, this is generally used only on the curtains with relatively high floor height, easy to change the curtains, a good mute electric curtain lifter is generally around 1200. For reference only, the prices of each place shall prevail.

5. The rest is the worker wiring, the money installed each company’s price is not the same. According to an ordinary person, the total price of a single track and one meter electric curtain is about 1,200 yuan. When you buy electric curtains in the future, you can follow the above to compare. For reference only, the prices of each place shall prevail.

Electric curtain shopping tips

1. Choose the motor

The motor is the main standard of electric curtains. The motors for electric curtains on the market are divided into tubular motors, venetian blind motors, Roman blind motors, etc., which can be selected according to their actual conditions.

2. Fabric

The fabric of the electric curtains is also very particular. If you want to choose the lighting effect, it is recommended to choose the sun fabric, so that you can clearly see the outdoor situation indoors and the indoors are not visible. If you need to block the sun, you can choose the full shading fabric, and the shading effect can reach the optimal state.

3. Accessories

The quality of the accessories for electric curtains is also very important. If it is an electric roman blind, it is recommended to choose a rib reel, and the scrolling is not flat, and there will be no unevenness. The ordinary drawstrings are exposed to the sun and rain, and are prone to deformation and breakage.

4. The production process

Finally, we must look at the manufacturing process of electric curtains, whether the details are fine, such as the surface of the track, the cutting of the fabric, the cutting of the blade, etc., which will affect the practicality and aesthetics of the product.

With the evolution of the competitive landscape of the intelligent building industry this year, the field of electric curtains is also developing at an uncontrollable speed. In addition to the appearance price, consumers must consider the brand quality and use of electric curtains in addition to the appearance price. The effect is assessed.

The above is a brief introduction to the electric curtain controller. We can decide whether or not to use them according to our own situation.

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