Two major categories of copy-type remote control and their respective differences and application areas

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For the copy-type remote control, which is the copy remote control, you can copy some fixed code remote control and learning code remote control. It is equivalent to the blank used in the key in daily life, and the key of the desired shape can be carved out. Therefore, as long as the learning remote control factory code is cleared, and then the original remote control is copied, the new remote control has all the functions of the original remote control.

Copy-type remote control.

With the advancement of technology, wireless remote controllers have also expanded to many types. In simple terms, there are two types, one is the infrared remote control mode (IR Remote Control) commonly used in home appliances, and the other is anti-theft alarm device, door and window remote control,car remote control and other commonly used radio remote control mode (RF Remote Control). Both have different advantages and the fields of application are different.

Type of copy remote control:

The IR Remote Control is a remote control device that transmits control signals using near-infrared rays with a wavelength between 0.76 and 1.5 μm.

Commonly used infrared remote control systems are generally divided into two parts: transmitting and receiving.

The main component of the transmitting portion is an infrared light emitting diode. It is actually a special light-emitting diode. Because its internal material is different from ordinary light-emitting diodes, it emits infrared light instead of visible light when a certain voltage is applied across it.

The commonly used carrier frequency for infrared remote control is 38 kHz, which is determined by the 455 kHz crystal oscillator used at the transmitting end. At the transmitting end, the crystal is divided by an integer. The division factor is generally 12, so 455 kHz ÷ 12 ≈ 37.9 kHz ≈ 38 kHz. There are also some remote control systems that use 36 kHz, 40 kHz, 56 kHz, etc., which are generally determined by the oscillation frequency of the crystal of the transmitting end.

The infrared remote control features no impact on the surrounding environment and does not interfere with other electrical equipment. Because it can’t penetrate the wall, the household appliances in different rooms can use the universal remote control without mutual interference; the circuit debugging is simple, as long as the connection is given according to the given circuit, generally no debugging is required to put into operation; Easy, multiple remote control is available. Therefore, infrared remote control has been widely used in home appliances and indoor close-range (less than 10 meters) remote control.

The RF remote control is a remote control device that uses radio signals to control various remote devices. After these signals are received by the remote receiving device, they can command or drive various other mechanical or electronic devices to perform various operations, such as closing the circuit, moving the handle, starting the motor, and then performing the required operations by these machines. As a kind of remote control supplemented with infrared remote control, it has been widely used in garage door, electric door, gate remote control, burglar alarm, industrial control and wireless smart home.

The carrier frequency commonly used in radio remote control is 315mHz or 433mHz. The remote control uses the open frequency band specified by the state. In this frequency band, if the transmission power is less than 10mW, the coverage is less than 100m or does not exceed the unit range, it may not need to go through the radio. The Management Committee is free to use for approval. China’s open frequency band is 315mHz, while Europe and the United States and other countries are 433mHz, so products exported to the above countries should use 433mHz remote control.

There are two types of coding methods commonly used in radio remote control, namely fixed code and rolling code. The rolling code is an upgraded product of fixed code. At present, in the case of confidentiality requirements, the rolling coding method is used.

The difference between IR and RF Remote Control, infrared remote control and wireless remote control are for different carriers. The infrared remote control uses infrared light to transmit control signals. Directional, can not be blocked, the distance is generally no more than 7 meters, free from electromagnetic interference, the TV remote control is the infrared remote control; the radio remote control uses radio waves to transmit control signals, it is characterized by non-directionality, can not be “face-to-face” control, distance (up to tens of meters, or even several kilometers), susceptible to electromagnetic interference. In areas where long-distance penetration or non-directional control is required, such as industrial control, etc., it is easier to solve using a radio remote controller.

Application field for copy-type remote control

1. Industrial driving: Industrial driving is one of the most widely used fields of remote control systems. Taking Germany as an example, it accounts for about 40% of the annual output of remote control systems; especially for new operations such as metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, paper mills, and material warehouses. Almost all equipped with industrial wireless remote control;

2. Car crane, truck crane: Usually, the large car crane remote control system is also equipped with a data feedback device, the feedback device can display operating parameters (such as load, boom length, load torque, oil temperature, pressure, angle, etc.) On the display of the launch system, the operator can monitor the crane based on the displayed data;

3. Concrete pump truck: When the concrete pump truck is operated, there are several tens of meters (or even hundreds of meters) of the working surface of the console. The traditional operation mode requires several people to cooperate. Due to the low efficiency, the concrete pump truck is limited. Performance is played; for long-distance, large-displacement large pump trucks, the contradiction is more prominent; the industrial wireless remote control can maximize the performance of the whole machine. After the pump driver is driving and positioning at the working place, the portable remote control system can be used in turn. Operate the various actions of the pump truck, such as the left and right rotation of the boom, the lifting and lowering of the multi-stage rod. The operator can carry the launching system, away from the pump console, directly standing near the hose spout, controlling the action of the boom and the operation of the concrete pump;

4. Mining machinery: For the occasions with low visibility in the mine, the industrial wireless remote control equipped with feedback device can be used to control the hydraulic machinery. Even in places with low visibility and harsh environments, it is easy to control the drilling of heavy rock drilling frames. The operator can select the nearest location to drill holes without having to stay on the operator’s station of the drill machine ten meters from the drilling site. The radio control unit is fully compliant with IP65 protection standards for use in wet and salty environments. Greatly increase the safety, comfort and accuracy of operation, save investment and improve efficiency;

5. Other aspects: With the development of industrial wireless remote control technology, industrial wireless remote controllers have been widely used in loader, shunting locomotives, hydraulic machinery and mobile vehicle port loading and unloading machines, and the market prospect is extremely broad.

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