Do you use the car remote control to lock the habit of not closing the door?

1,418 Published by xia, Crystal Jun 26,2019

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Nowadays, many people have bought a car and brought great convenience to their daily travel. Whether it is going to work or going shopping, etc., driving can be said to be very convenient. And now there are a lot of useful technology products in the car. In the past, we used the car remote control key to lock the door after parking, in order to prevent the loss of important things in the car, which is particularly inconvenient to use.


Especially after the door lock has been used for a long time, it will become very difficult to use. Sometimes it is very difficult to use the key to open the door or lock the door. Once the lock is filled with water, it will easily rust and take a long time. I have to change the lock. Later, the use of the remote control function made the car door very convenient in locking the door. When you get off the bus, the door can be locked by simply pressing the button on the car key, which is very convenient. Therefore, many people are used to getting out of the car and pressing the button, they just leave, and there is no habit of pulling the door.

In fact, this habit is very bad. Because the current car keys are built with a small battery, so there is a service life, I usually believe that many small partners will not pay attention to the battery power in the car key! If the time is long, the battery is not very full, the range of the remote control will become very small, if you go directly after leaving the car, while walking and pressing the button to lock the car, it is likely because the remote control distance is not enough,the door is not locked. And because you are not used to checking, the result is that the contents of the car are likely to be lost. Now, some thieves also use high-tech, they will use a remote control that can interfere with your car, just like the signal shielding device, shield the remote control signal, then you use the car key remote control function to lock the car when you get out of order, you think that the car door is locked, but it doesn’t. If the thief sees that your car door is unlocked, it will steal the things in your car. If there are valuables, it is very troublesome to lose.


And now this kind of criminal behavior using signal interference is quite common. There are many such things in the news, because the use of the key lock car does not pull the door to check the habit, resulting in the loss of property inside the car. Although the current car will have an alarm device, if your door is not locked, the alarm device will ring to remind you that there is no lock door, which is very useful for those careless driver friends. But I can’t fully believe in the alarm device. After all, no one knows whether the thief will invent something more advanced.


The car’s alarm device was scammed, the door was not locked, but the car alarm device did not start. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the habit of locking the door and then pulling the door to see if it is really locked. Of course, the best habit is not to put expensive items, money, etc. in the car. This kind of thing is a naked temptation for the thieves, and those who are greedy, if you see something valuable in your car. Even if they haven’t stolen anything before, they can’t stand the temptation. Therefore, do not put valuables on the car, use the car remote control to lock the door and then pull the door to check it, to develop a good habit to better ensure the safety of your belongings.

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