Car burglar alarm is essential!

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With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards since China’s reform and opening up, cars have become an indispensable part of people’s lives. Since the world’s first T-type Ford was stolen, car theft has become a common crime in today’s society. One of them has become a serious social problem. With the increase in the number of cars, the number of stolen vehicles has also increased year by year, which has brought great instability to the society. With the development of science and technology, car theft technology is getting higher and higher, making people unable to guard against it, worrying about car Being stolen has become a problem that plagues car users. Now, installing a car burglar alarm is a good choice to reduce the risk of stolen vehicles.

Universal car alarm system kit.

The principle of the car burglar alarm is simply a networked alarm system, which is generally composed of a user alarm control core device (anti-theft alarm system), a burglar alarm, an anti-theft alarm accessory and a power adapter module. The anti-theft alarm host is realized by wireless or wired communication. When the vehicle has an alarm (such as illegal start, door opening vibration, system damage), the system immediately dials the owner’s preset alarm call (mobile phone, landline). Sound and light warning, lock circuit/oil circuit, so that the car can not start without warning. In the event of robbery or car robbing, if the owner can’t get out, he can press the hidden button. The system will immediately call the owner’s default emergency help phone. The caller can make a counter-controlled parking, monitoring, and shouting. If the owner of the vehicle can be taken out of the vehicle after being robbed, any telephone can be used to enter the system to carry out counter-controlled parking, monitoring, and shouting of the robbed vehicle.

With the advancement of science and technology, in order to cope with the escalating car theft, people have developed anti-theft devices with different structures. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these anti-theft devices?

1. Mechanical anti-theft: the price is cheap, can not alarm.

Mechanical anti-theft locks are mainly divided into two categories: steering wheel lock and gear lock. Mainly by locking the clutch, brake, throttle or steering wheel cover, shifting gear to achieve the purpose of anti-theft, but only anti-theft alarm.

Advantages: cheap, easy to install, a few hundred dollars or even tens of dollars can be fixed. Sometimes the owner will install several kinds of mechanical anti-theft devices on the vehicle. According to industry insiders, this can deter the car thief to a certain extent or increase the possibility of thieves being discovered.

Disadvantages: The anti-theft is not complete, it is more troublesome to disassemble each time, and you have to find a place to place when not in use.

2. Electronic anti-theft: convenient but easy to false positive.

In order to overcome the shortcomings of the mechanical lock only anti-theft and no alarm, the electronic alarm anti-theft device came into being.

Advantages: The electronic alarm alarm mainly relies on locking ignition or starting to achieve the purpose of anti-theft, and has anti-theft and audible alarm functions. The remote-controlled car alarm features all the functions of the remote-controlled alarm, which is reliable and convenient. It can be equipped with vibration detection and gate protection and microwave or infrared probe function. There are also two-way electronic anti-theft devices on the market that can transmit their own status to the owner, such as which side of the door is opened or the window glass is broken.

Disadvantages: Electronic alarms generally have false alarms, and they have not fundamentally solved the problem of vehicle loss. This type of anti-theft device has a certain anti-theft function, and its anti-theft function will be lost when it exceeds the effective distance and unattended.

3. GPS: Although good, but the price is not cheap.

The GPS system is called the “Global Positioning System”. It is mainly used for the auxiliary anti-theft function of the navigation and positioning of the car.

Advantages: You can know the location of each vehicle in the group’s fleet in real time for effective supervision. It is mainly used to control or locate the vehicle through the service center after the vehicle is stolen. It is a means of “striking” after the alarm occurs.

Disadvantages: First, the GPS in the area where the satellite positioning ground monitoring center is not established cannot work; secondly, due to the limited number of satellites, there is a certain “blind zone” in the information scanning coverage, so that the monitoring is often in a state of intermittent “lost”; They are all in the thousands of dollars, and they have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for service fees, which makes the owners add extra burdens and discourage ordinary people. Because it is through information alarm, network coverage is not complete and the police conveyance is not direct, its anti-theft performance is greatly reduced, so the GPS car is stolen repeatedly.

Vehicle anti-theft has a coup:
Although car anti-theft devices set a certain obstacle for car thieves, you should not sit back and relax. Individual car thieves can still crack your anti-theft device. Here are some anti-theft rules that the car owners have summarized:

1.When you are not in the car, no matter how many minutes, be sure not to leave the key on the igniter. Be sure to turn off the car and take the car key. If the window and the sunroof are opened, it is equivalent to giving the thief a chance to take it, so remember to close it and shake the window up.

2.The general car keys are spare, you must think not to put the spare key in the car, no matter where in the car, the thieves will find. You don’t want to be careless about this.

3.If your car is a standard door lock knob, it is recommended that you replace it with a pointed handle so that it is impossible to lift it with a hanger or wire.

4.When you drive to a public place, don’t leave the car to someone else, so it is easy for the thief to take the opportunity to prepare the car key.

5.Make sure that your car’s luggage compartment, doors and igniters use different locks. This means that the thief must have three keys instead of one to drive your car away.

6.When parking, try to avoid parking the car in a dimly lit or pedestrianly place. But sometimes when you have to park your car in a hidden place as a last resort, you can pour the car in, so that when the thief smashes your car, it is easy to be discovered.
Tip: When parking a car, you should choose a site with a wide terrain, a single route, and a wide range of pedestrians. When parking, turn the wheels through a certain angle. Parking at night should be stopped in a bright place, so that it is difficult for thieves to wait for an opportunity to start the operation. After the car is stolen, it is not easy to leave the scene very quickly.

7.Don’t park your car in a illegal place, otherwise you can’t determine whether the car is stolen or towed away by the traffic police in a short time.

8.If you have to park your car for a long time due to special circumstances (such as business trips, etc.), remove the fire head in the distributor or remove the ignition wire so that even if the door is opened, it is not too good. It is easy to steal the car.

9.Accessories for automobile exteriors, such as fuel tanks, lamps, batteries, spare tires, etc., should be improved on the connecting fastening screws. For example, if you use a non-standard nut, such as a pentagon nut, you must use a special wrench to unscrew it.

10.Strengthen the maintenance of the car anti-theft device. The method and password for opening the anti-theft device or releasing the alarm signal should be kept strictly confidential and cannot be transmitted outside to avoid theft.

11.Regardless of whether your car is equipped with a car burglar alarm, you must put a warning bar on the window, such as “The car is equipped with a burglar alarm, do not start”, etc., let the thieves know that your car is equipped Alarm. Any thief can’t easily “trick” on a car equipped with an alarm. This is called the sound of the East. You’d better install an alarm, which has excellent deterrent power.

Universal car alarm system kit.

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