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As of last year, the size of China’s smart socket market has reached 65.55 million yuan, and it is expected that the size of the smart socket market will exceed 100 million yuan in the future. Consumers are increasingly interested in smart appliances led by smart sockets. Compared with the same period of previous years, the smart socket search index rose 218.8% month-on-month.

universal wifi smart plug

A smart socket is usually a socket operated by a mobile terminal with a built-in wireless communication module. It breaks through the limitations of traditional sockets. Through the mobile client, remotely control the socket on and off, and set the socket timing switch. Smart sockets are usually used in conjunction with household appliances to achieve remote control, timing switch and other functions.

In addition to convenience, smart sockets are also environmentally friendly. According to a survey by the China Energy Conservation Product Certification Center, there are currently nearly 10 kinds of home appliances with standby or scheduled functions in each city. The average standby power consumption is between 15w-30w, accounting for about 10% of household electricity consumption.

The smart socket achieves “stop power failure”. If all smart sockets are used to control household appliances, more energy loss can be avoided. Choosing the right smart socket is the key for consumers to consider. With less investment, consumers can enjoy a convenient technical experience, which is undoubtedly a good choice for ordinary consumers.

Type of Smart Socket

According to the current market, smart sockets can be divided into metering sockets, remote voice sockets, and timing sockets.

1. Metering socket: it can directly reflect the working power, current, voltage and other information of the appliances on the socket. However, only the user is required to know the power consumption of the appliance, and the user who has a certain degree of expertise is required to analyze the measurement results to find out whether the power consumption of the appliance is normal.

2. Remote voice sockets: need to be equipped with a special remote control, can be used with mobile phone applications. Control the switch of the socket by voice. The phone app sets the socket to be turned on or off periodically. For users who often forget to turn off the power, they can save a lot of power in a year.

3. Timing socket: It can control the electrical appliances to work within a certain time, to a certain extent, reduce energy waste during idle periods, but the actual power cycle is not fixed. Once the situation changes, it needs to be reset and inconvenient to use.

Smart Socket Technology

(1) WiFi: A technology that connects one or more electronic devices to a wireless local area network (WLAN), usually using 2.4G UHF or 5g SHF ism radio frequency bands. It can be password protected or opened. The 2.4GHz frequency band is mostly used for smart sockets, with long distances, low power consumption, and compatibility with multiple devices, but it is easy to cause interference in the same frequency band. It is suitable for different brands of smart home products in the family, and has strong compatibility.

(2) ZigBee: a low-power LAN protocol based on the IEEE802.15.4 standard. ZigBee technology is a short-range, low-power wireless communication technology, which is mainly applicable to the field of automatic control and remote control, and can be embedded in various intelligent devices. Suitable for short-distance voice control and remote control.

(3) Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard that enables short-range data exchange between fixed devices, mobile devices, and building personal area networks. Some smart hardware products use this technology to connect with mobile terminal devices. This technology is rarely used in smart homes and is generally not recommended.

(4) 433MHz technology: The significant advantage of using the 433MHz wireless band smart socket is that the wireless signal has strong penetration and can be further transmitted. From the perspective of communication reliability, the 433MHz technology supports the topology of the star network, and expands the network coverage space by means of multiple base stations. 433MHz technology is generally suitable for applications with small data transmission volume, such as wireless remote control telemetry, industrial data acquisition, access control systems and other fields. Especially suitable for the reinforced concrete building structure of Chinese families. It has strong penetrability and can support remote data transmission and control of smart devices.

universal USB WIFI Smart Plug

一 Leakage protection: When an electric shock occurs in the circuit and the ground is abnormal, the power should be cut off. The response time is very short, within 25 microseconds. There is no danger of electric shock.

二 Lightning protection: When a lightning strike occurs, the circuit can be cut off immediately to protect all used electrical equipment.

三 Overcurrent protection: When there is surge and large current in the circuit, the electrical equipment used can be protected.

四 Short-circuit protection: When an abnormal short circuit occurs in the electrical equipment used, the power can be cut off within 25 microseconds.

五 Five over-voltage protection: When the external circuit voltage is higher than the limit value of general appliances, it can protect the appliances and prolong the service life of the appliances.

六 Undervoltage protection: When the external circuit is too low to damage the appliance, it can protect the appliance and avoid damage to the appliance.

七 Special functions: WiFi enhancement, temperature and humidity sensing and other functions.

八 Control functions: users can use mobile applications to remotely control household appliances and perform power statistics.

How Smart Sockets Work

The working principle of the smart socket makes use of the existing home network to enable a smart phone or tablet computer to switch on or off the specified electrical equipment through the operation of a mobile terminal under networked conditions. Moreover, since the smart socket can completely cut off the power of electrical equipment, especially for high-power appliances waiting for televisions and electric water heaters, when used after control, the smart socket can be used to turn on the power, which can save considerable electricity bills every month.

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