Know the button switch structure and how to remove the button switch?

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A push button switch is a type of switch that uses a push button to push a transmission mechanism to connect or disconnect a movable contact and a stationary contact, and to realize circuit switching. The push button switch is a simple and widely used electrical appliance. The structure of the push button switch is also very diverse, with mushroom head style, self-locking, self-resetting, rotary handle, with indicator light, etc., as well as single twist, double twist, three twist and different combinations.

Yaoertai smart wall switch.

The push button switch is usually of a modular structure, and the push button switch structure includes a button cap, a return spring, a fixed contact, a movable contact, a housing, and a strut link, and can be classified into several types.

This part of the switch button can be seen everywhere in life, the switch button on the wall, the switch button on the bathroom, the switch button on the kitchen appliances, and so on. The switch button has brought some convenience to our life, but there will still be damage after frequent use, but some of our friends hope to be able to disassemble and replace it by themselves. Here you can tell us how to remove the wall switch. The method, you can refer to learn.

Let us first explain how to remove the wall switch button, first prepare the tool, a small flat-shaped screwdriver and a large cross-shaped screwdriver. The first step is to open the cover of the wall switch. Generally, we can see that there is an opening of about 0.5 cm under the cover. We can open the cover from here. Then take out the small one-shaped screwdriver in our previously prepared tool and gently lift the cover from the open position to the front, and then it can be easily removed.

Yaoertai smart wall switch parameters.

After the cover is opened, the fixing bolts are still not visible. We need to remove the switch panel and then use a small screwdriver to carefully pry the switch panel to the front so that the switch panel itself will fall. Then the second switch panel can be removed according to the above method, and then the two fixing bolts on the mounting bracket can be seen. The Phillips screwdriver can be used to remove the entire wall switch by rotating it counterclockwise. After removing it, replace the new wall switch according to the original wiring method. Usually, the L terminal is connected to the line, and L1 or L2 and the lamp line are connected.

Be sure to turn off the main power before operation to prevent electric shock.

Safety Notice:

1. Observe the appearance of wall switch and socket

Panels with high-quality switches and sockets should be made of high-grade plastic products, which look like a uniform material with a smooth surface and texture. The panel material is made of high-grade PC material, which is excellent in flame retardancy, insulation and impact resistance, and has stable material and is not easy to change color.

2. Internal structure

The switch should normally be a pure silver contact and a conductive sheet made of a silver-copper composite material to prevent oxidation by arcing during turn-on and turn-off. The high-quality panel’s conductive bridge is made of silver-nickel-copper composite material. The silver material has excellent electrical conductivity, while the silver-nickel alloy has strong ability to suppress arc. The switch adopts brass screw pressure line, the contact surface is large and good, and the pressure line capability is strong. The wiring is stable and reliable.

3. Choose a wall switch product with a protective door

To check the tightness of the wall switch or socket clip, the smooth insertion force is a key factor. At the same time, the strong extrusion makes the plug not easy to fall off, effectively reducing the occurrence of power failure accidents caused by non-human factors. In consideration of the safety of switches and sockets, their design has also attracted more and more consumers’ attention, and the choice of color is as close as possible to the color of the wall.

Use switch sockets correctly and safely, and take precautions against fires in switch sockets to avoid disasters. Switch sockets also have potential safety hazards during use.

The electrical appliances are mainly powered by switches and sockets, so the frequency of use of switches and sockets is very high. However, if the switch and socket are selected, installed or used improperly, it is very likely to cause a fire accident. Therefore, it is very important to prevent such fires.

The above is the tutorial sharing of wall switch removal. The method of removing the wall switch is very simple. We only need to prepare a screwdriver and some hardware tools. Most of the wall switches can be removed directly with a screwdriver. However, when choosing a screwdriver, we also need to pay attention to the size of the screws. Some screws are relatively small in size. We need to select some smaller screwdrivers. Some screws are larger in size. It is to choose some relatively large screwdrivers.

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