Parking Lot Barrier Controller Use Matters

1,233 Published by xia, Crystal Feb 24,2020

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With its advanced functions, the parking lot system makes it easier for people to park, and makes it easier for the parking lot management staff to manage, and has quickly occupied all areas of life. Any product will have good or bad quality, and the parking system is no exception. So, what should be paid attention to when using related system equipment?

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Pay attention to the following points when using parking lot barrier controller:

1. The performance of the alarm function depends on the performance of the alarm probe. The user should select an alarm probe according to the actual needs of the alarm. The controller is delivered with a pyrolytic alarm probe when it leaves the factory. If the alarm function is not used, the probe can be used.
2. The number of cable cores for electric doors should generally not be less than 8 wires (in the past, there were 7 wires, and the wiring was very unreasonable), and the door cable should not contain connectors.
3. The delayed automatic stop function can be set according to the door travel of the user, and it is set to about 145 seconds at the factory.
4. When this controller fails, it should be repaired by professionals or contact the supplier and the manufacturer for repair. So as not to increase the impact of failure.
5. The controller should be kept clean to prevent water or other harmful substances from eroding. Organic solvents are strictly forbidden to clean the cabinet.
6. The type of the alarm probe output signal interface should be the relay output interface, and the power supply voltage should be DC 12-15V, otherwise the controller cannot directly supply power. The power consumption of the probe should be ≤100 mA. According to the scene conditions, multiple probes can be used (generally 1-2 are appropriate). When multiple probes are used, a parallel connection method is used. The probe should be protected from other heat sources or direct light, and a rain cover should be installed above it.
7. The remote-control transmitter should keep a good housing to prevent the phenomenon of squeezing, vibration, falling, and water entering. Check the battery voltage and replace it if necessary. When the remote control is too close, the battery should generally be replaced. The battery model is KC12V-23A. The remote control should try to avoid electromagnetic interference sources.
8. When it is found that the direction of opening and closing the door is opposite, reverse the wiring of the “V” and “W” terminals of the controller. Similarly, when the STOP display indicates the direction opposite to the actual one, adjust the wiring in the same way.
9. The remote control is encrypted according to the code when it leaves the factory and cannot be interchanged. When the user needs to change, the manufacturer can change the password as required.

The use of barriers should pay attention to precautions, pay attention to the installation and use of barriers in smart parking lots, and prolong the use time. It is not easy to break, so the service life of barriers will increase.

1. The installation of intelligent parking lot gates is generally on horizontal roads. If there is a slope, pay attention to the installation specifications.
2. The installation of the smart parking lot barrier must be carefully tested after the line is connected. If the test runs abnormally, it must be reinstalled.
3. The installation of the road gate should be well coordinated with the ground sense coil. The output end of the ground sense coil is twisted to the road gate, and the shorter the distance, the better. After it is connected, the nest is sealed with dry cement.
4. The ground-sensing coil cannot be damaged during the laying process, and joints should be avoided as much as possible, otherwise the road gate will fail to normally open and fall, and there will be failures such as failing to automatically fall after passing the car;
5. The parking lot gate system has adjusted the spring to the moment balance according to the rod length before leaving the factory. If the gate rod is lengthened and cut according to the site conditions, the spring force should be readjusted to balance, otherwise the motor will overheat and reducer Excessive wear.

The barriers in the intelligent parking lot system are the door gods guarding the property. The installation method and use of barriers are also very important.

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