What are the precautions for installing an automatic sensor door controller?

1,379 Published by xia, Crystal Jun 20,2019

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Nowadays, everyone has more or less an automatic sensor door controller at home, but there are some complicated problems that people often use. Therefore, when installing the automatic sensor door controller, it is necessary to pay attention to it, and try to do it once, which will save a lot of trouble.

Sliding gate WiFi controller application.

Clean the oil and dust inside the chassis, check the wear of the parts of the automatic induction door, the rails and pulleys can not be injected, check the deviation of the automatic door and the tightening of the screws, check the tightness of the belt, check the controller output to the motor, and open the door. Width, speed, braking, etc.; check whether the voltage parameters are normal, repair or replace damaged parts, the owner also needs to pay attention to the regular maintenance and maintenance of the automatic door. The automatic door is inevitably affected by the installation quality and the use environment. A problem will occur. If the long-term lack of maintenance, the hidden dangers and glitch of the automatic door will not be processed in time, it will turn from a small fault to a big fault, which may eventually lead to the failure of the automatic door and the frameless automatic sensing door. After the construction, the company requires Party A to put a mark on the door as much as possible during the use process to prevent people from accidentally touching and causing personal injury.

Special lines must be installed to install the automatic door power supply. It is strictly forbidden to use with other electrical appliances. The product is installed firmly and can be used after being qualified. The control box must be installed in a dry, ventilated location. It is strictly prohibited to access high-power radio equipment to avoid affecting normal work. When using the control buttons, do not use excessive force or excessive force to avoid damage. When the door is running, the personnel and the vehicle are strictly prohibited on the guide rail. The operator should keep an eye on the operation of the door to avoid accidents. The track should be cleaned frequently to prevent debris from affecting operation. The driver should be filled with grease at least once a year. The chain of the induction door should be filled with lubricating oil frequently, and the wear of each component should be checked. The worn parts should be repaired or replaced in time. When pushing and pulling the sensor door, it is turned on, off, light, and slow. It is forbidden to push and pull and cause damage. When the product is faulty, please inform the professional maintenance personnel for maintenance. Non-professionals are not allowed to open it. The above is the introduction of maintenance and repair knowledge of the induction door, you can find out. Proper maintenance of the sensor door can extend the life of the sensor door.

What are the advantages of automatic sensor door controllers:

1. With protection device, it can automatically rebound when it encounters resistance, avoiding damage to the person and the unit.

2. The automatic door motor unit has a self-locking function to effectively improve safety.

3. The microcomputer control module is designed with exquisite design and can be powered by 220V. It has a wide range of applications and no additional transformers.

4. Unique function module design, can connect a variety of sensors, access control system to meet the requirements of different users.

5. The drive unit adopts high efficiency, high torque and small.

The volume DC brushless motor, the gear box adopts the spiral gear operation mode, no noise, not easy to wear, is not affected by high and low temperature weather, stable and durable.


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