What is an automatic roller curtain?

1,061 Published by xia, Crystal Aug 23,2019

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Although modern curtains have been given a variety of functions, convenience and ease of use have always been the same requirements, and in some modern apartments or office spaces, automatic roller curtains have been installed, in some pursuits more the high-quality life or high-efficiency occasions, the role of this roller blind is undoubtedly huge. What is the automatic roller blind curtain, is it suitable for the needs of ordinary people?

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What is an automatic roller curtain?

This is a kind of electric roller blind structure that uses a tubular motor as the power. It is quite simple to operate, and only needs to be turned on by the power switch motor to start working. As an upgraded replacement for manual roller blinds, it works quieter and more smoothly. The motor is directly installed in the metal coil tube, which reduces the volume and force of the curtain box, and at the same time avoids the influence of the external environment on the motor.

What are the benefits of automatic roller curtains?

Compared with the traditional manual roller blinds or the left and right opening and closing curtains, the automatic operation of the automatic roller blinds is more convenient, and the adaptability is not weaker than the traditional curtains. At the same time, it is also resistant to ultraviolet rays, environmental protection and energy saving, and saves indoors. The function of space and landscaping can be applied in a variety of apartment buildings and office environments. In some large office spaces, many curtains are often used at the same time, and the “one-to-many” function of automatic roller blinds can come in handy. Adding a balancer or a universal joint to the motor of the curtain can enable one motor to drag multiple fabrics at the same time. When the motor is working, multiple fabrics can be lifted and lowered at the same time, thereby blocking outdoor light.

Features of automatic roller curtains

This kind of curtain is made of 220V AC tubular motor, the noise of the motor is very small, and the debugging is simple and precise. There are also many models for automatic roller blinds. You can choose a roller tube with a diameter of 50mm, 70mm, or 100mm depending on the height of the roller blind. In addition to the requirements of full shading, special shading grooves can be installed on both sides of the roller blind. If the roller blind is high or inclined, the guide roller or wire rope can be used, and the roller blind can reach up to 15 meters. In addition, the automatic roller blinds are also very adaptable, and can be selected from various types such as shading, semi-shading or sun fabric depending on the requirements of the environment.

The above is a brief introduction and description of the automatic roller curtains. In short, the automatic roller curtains can be used in a variety of places, from small apartment to large office space, especially in large areas, and need to use multiple faces at the same time. The office space for curtains is especially suitable.

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