Development status and market trends of global automatic door wireless controllers

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The door and human civilization are twins, and they are surging with the development of human civilization. Today in the 21st century, the door has highlighted the concept of safety, emphasizing effectiveness, effective prevention, passage, and evacuation. At the same time, it also highlights the concept of architectural art, emphasizing the coordination and harmony of the door and the building as well as the surrounding environment as a whole.

Rolling shutter WiFi controller application.

The industry has gradually matured

In 1903, the first revolving door of Boon Edam in the Netherlands was successfully produced, and the development of revolving doors was mainly due to the birth of automatic door wireless controllers. However, since the classical control theory was not established at the time, quite a few automatic door wireless controllers have high failure rates. Until 1935, with the classic control theory as the basis, the reliability of the automatic door wireless controller was greatly increased, and the industry entered the development stage.

After the 1950s, many large banks, hotels, and buildings were upgraded in order to improve their grades and service levels. In order to match high-level buildings, automatic doors were used to promote the rapid development of automatic door wireless controllers. After the 1970s, the application of automatic door wireless controllers became more and more widespread, resulting in mass production. Since the 1990s, the technology of automatic door wireless controllers at home and abroad has developed rapidly, the technology has matured, and amazing achievements have been made. Automatic door controller technology has become an important part of automatic doors.

In recent years, the global automatic door controller industry has gradually matured and moved toward industrialization through repeated trials of market competition. In 2016, the global automatic door wireless controller industry market has reached US$4.02 billion; it is expected that the global automatic door wireless controller market will be around US$5.36 billion in 2018.

In terms of regions, the automatic door wireless controllers of the developed countries in the United States, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and other countries have undergone long-term improvement, and the integration of technology and quality has reached a relatively mature level, occupying an important position in the world. In addition, the automatic door wireless controller industry in Asia, represented by China, has also developed rapidly, accounting for 40.1% of the global total.

The main driving force for the development of China’s automatic door wireless controller industry is that the demand for automatic doors has increased year by year, and the technical field has been continuously improved. The data shows that in 2010-2017, China’s automatic door wireless controller market has grown rapidly, and the growth rate has remained above double digits. In 2018, the market size of automatic door wireless controllers is expected to continue to increase to 3.4 billion yuan.

In terms of application, the global automatic door wireless ontroller is mainly used in sliding doors, two-wing revolving doors, three-four-wing revolving doors and other doors. At present, the largest proportion of automatic door wireless controllers is sliding doors, accounting for the proportion 47%; followed by two-wing revolving doors, accounting for 27%; third- and fourth-wing revolving doors accounted for 20%, ranking third.

Rolling shutter WiFi controller application.

The future is heading towards the “four modernizations”

With the intensification of competition in the global automatic door wireless controller industry, manufacturers and operators of automatic door wireless controllers are also tending to develop in the direction of intelligence, customization, branding and humanization.

In terms of intelligence, intelligentization is one of the important trends in all walks of life. Automatic doors are no exception. The intelligent functions of automatic doors will be stronger in the future. Automatic door closers, mechanical code locks, and multi-button designs will come. The more this, the more the automatic door controller industry will move toward smarter.

In terms of customization, in today’s society, the level of consumption has increased, consumers’ consumption concepts have become increasingly mature, and more and more consumers are pursuing individualized decoration and decoration styles. Correspondingly, the design of the door industry will be developed towards personalized and customized services. Companies will proactively establish their own style to cater to the needs of consumers.

In terms of branding, along with the in-depth development of the market, the homogenization of products is becoming more and more serious, and product imitation is insurmountable. Brand building will become the focus of the door industry enterprises, especially the leading enterprises. Therefore, branding will become one of the main development directions of the automatic door wireless controller industry.

In terms of humanization, the automatic door wireless controller is a high-tech product that comes into being with the continuous pursuit of living conditions and the continuous development of science and technology. It promotes the development of automatic door technology. The automatic door has the advantage that ordinary doors do not have: elegant beautiful, safer and more convenient to use. After being energized, due to the function of the automatic door wireless controller, the automatic door can realize unmanned self-management, at the same time save energy, and is windproof, dustproof and noise-reducing, which is convenient and enhances the modernization of the building.

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