Analytical automatic door controller installation and wiring

38 Published by xia, Crystal Jan 07,2019

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Automatic door controller play a vital role in automatic door control, so it is necessary to learn to install automatic door controllers for merchants who want to install automatic doors. The following small series gives you a detailed introduction to the installation and wiring of the automatic door controller.

automatic door controller application.

In order to ensure the normal use of the automatic door controller after installation, the installation work must be carried out by professionals in accordance with the requirements of the manual, and should also be correctly connected with reference to the wiring diagram attached to the product.

The power cable and motor power cable used for the installation of the automatic door controller should be copper-sheathed cable with a wire diameter of not less than 1.5 mm2, and other control wires should be copper-core cables with a wire cross-section of not less than 0.5 mm2. The power line should be connected to the L terminal of the controller, and the neutral line should be connected to the N terminal of the controller.

automatic door controller can controlled by wireless remote controrller.

The installation position of the induction door controller should be selected according to the specific conditions of the user and hung on the wall without magnetic interference. The installation height should not be less than 1.2m from the ground. The cable leading from the controller is fixed along the wall and secured.

After the installation of the automatic door controller is completed, all the installation work should be carefully checked before the formal power-on, and the electric test run can be turned on after the confirmation is correct. The probe is mounted at an appropriate height outside and the angle can be adjusted.

The above is about the installation and wiring of the automatic door controller, I hope to help friends who want to know the automatic door controller. Shenzhen Yaoertai has been focusing on wireless remote control, wireless remote control switch, wireless transceiver module, wireless controller, infrared detector, anti-theft alarm, smart lock, smoke detector and other security alarms and smart home control products for more than 10 years. Production and sales of one-stop production suppliers, Yaoertai’s smart products can be widely used in electric screens, electric drying racks, electric windows and doors, smart home control, smart home security, retractable doors, garage doors, remote control lights, remote control switch, communication and security areas. Professional supporting garage door factory, GPS factory, security factory, electric control lock factory, automobile factory, electric door and window, gateway, industrial control, etc. Any questions about the automatic door controller, welcome to come to consult!

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