The features and applications of the anti-theft alarm controller.

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The?anti-theft?alarm controller, also known as the alarm host, can turn the intrusion electronic signal from the intrusion detector into an audible and visual alarm signal and display, record and store the device. Commonly used are desktop, cabinet, box and several types of wall. The alarm sound is generated, the alarm part is displayed, and the stored alarm information is the basic function that the?anti-theft alarm controller?must have.

a full set of GSM anti-theft alarm controller

The anti-theft alarm controller refers to a device that causes an alarm when it is hacked into a defensive zone, and is used to signal a dangerous situation. The?anti-theft?alarm system uses detectors to arm important locations and areas inside and outside the building. It can detect illegal intrusions in a timely manner, and promptly alert the relevant personnel when an illegal person is detected. In the event of a human intrusion, the time and place of the intrusion can be recorded in time, and an alarm signal is sent through the alarm device. In 2014, the integration of burglar alarms in the residential industry. IHS pointed out that although the global burglar alarm market itself is already a mature market, the development prospects are still optimistic. In China, the anti-theft?alarm home market has sprung up, bringing opportunities for the prosperity of the security industry.

The anti-theft alarm controller can be set up to control the user, which can be armed and disarmed with a special tag or password. You can also set the automatic arming and disarming time period. In the absence of disarming, the illegal intruder will be detected by the sensor in the system, feedback to the host, and the host will send an alarm signal.

a full set anti-theft alarm controller .

Features of the?YET anti-theft alarm controller:

1.88-way wireless, 8-channel wired defense zone;

2.The remote control can carry up to 8;

3.LCD graphic display, working status, arming message, convenient and intuitive using;

4.8 groups of voice and SMS alarm calls;

5.Built-in calendar calendar clock;

6.A variety of arming modes: remote arming, keyboard arming, SMS arming, remote arming remotely;

7.The type of zone can be programmed: all zones can be programmed by keyboard to realize various zone alarm modes such as instant, delay, 24 hours, bypass, etc.

8.Alarm position programming: intelligent voice automatic identification, fire alarm, fire alarm, gas leak alarm, door magnetic alarm, hall alarm, window alarm, balcony alarm, perimeter alarm;

9.Timing cloth / disarming: the host has automatic timing arming, automatic timing disarming function, full voice prompts, more convenient operation, more humane. Remote voice broadcast alarm;

10.Intelligent learning pair code: intelligent learning code, new terminal detector is fast, fast, convenient and simple;

11.Host status memory: The host automatically memorizes the arming and disarming status. After powering off or shutting down the host, the host will automatically recover to the arming or disarming state before the power is cut off.


In short, with the continuous development of market demand,?anti-theft?alarms are particularly important in the entire security monitoring system. The?anti-theft alarm system, the simplest form is the local (home, unit, etc.) alarm system, its components are intrusion detectors and local anti-theft alarm controller, as well as sound and light alarms (can be included in the anti-theft alarm controller, or external mode). With the rise of smart cities and smart communities, theft prevention will be more intelligent and the prospects will be immeasurable.

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