Analysis of the evolution and current situation of intelligent gateway

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Communications network

With the global intelligence and the promotion of China’s “Broadband China” strategy, the era of the Internet of Everything is opening, and the smart home market is expanding rapidly. Traditional gateways have been unable to meet the needs of modern customers, and intelligent gateway have emerged. The three major operators have also launched a “smart home” development strategy, and have launched the future “smart home” control center – intelligent gateway.

The intelligent gateway not only carries the basic services of the operators, but also the basis for the extension of the private network services, and opens the hardware capabilities for the third-party services. The market for intelligent gateway is immeasurable and the development is increasingly diversified.

Evolution of intelligent gateways

With the development of broadband services, access layer devices can only make calls and wired Internet access from xDSL. After the development speed increases, there is a light cat, and now the smart gateway. In addition to the integration of the previous optical cat cable data transmission function, the intelligent gateway also adds wireless data communication, which can connect more wired and wireless terminals.

1. Analysis of the status quo of intelligent gateway

Yaoertai intelligent gateway.

From the perspective of sales channels, smart gateways can be divided into two main markets – the operator market and the consumer electronics market.

At present, more and more operators take advantage of their advantages in the field of broadband access to take the lead in seizing the smart gateway market. China Telecom began to popularize the home gateway E8 in 2011. In July 2014, China Telecom cooperated with six chip manufacturers such as Marvell and Qualcomm, and 36 terminal manufacturers such as Huawei, ZTE, and Campfire held a conference, which is the predecessor of China Telecom Tianyi. By December 2017, Tianyi Gateway has grown to the third generation. The main manufacturers include Fenghuo, ZTE, and Huawei. China Telecom’s intelligent gateway operation center has only one level of platform mechanism, and all data will be aggregated to the operation center. In 2018, China Telecom collected 30 million Tianyi 3.0 intelligent gateways.

China Unicom and China Mobile started relatively late. In 2016, they began to promote smart gateways, and collected intelligent gateway devices and laid out home networks. China Mobile adopts a two-level operation center, at the provincial level, at the group level, and the data is first remitted to the provincial operation center to reduce the pressure on the group. After obtaining the IPTV license this year, China Mobile has continuously increased the collection and collection of intelligent gateways. In 2018, the scale reached 11.5 million units. According to industry sources, China Unicom has also begun to collect intelligent gateways.

In the consumer electronics market, the market for smart gateway products is gradually starting. In recent years, the smart gateway consumer electronics market has developed rapidly. Xiaomi, Huawei, Haier, etc. have all laid out smart home markets, and there are many brands of smart gateways.

2. Intelligent Gateway Management Protocol

From a technical point of view, the underlying architecture of the intelligent gateway has evolved from the original OSGi to Linux-based OpenWrt, and continues to integrate new protocols and functions.

Operators and manufacturers have established their own specifications and protocols to facilitate the management of devices accessing the network. Zero-configuration, content filtering, and security auditing can be performed on the accessed terminal devices.

China Telecom uses the E-Link protocol to establish functions such as encryption channel, device registration, configuration information delivery, and status information uploading with the AP. The ITMS+ platform performs tracking management and command delivery on the terminal device.

China Mobile uses the RMS platform to configure and monitor terminal devices.

China Unicom woLink builds an operator intelligent networking system.

For F-Link, Huawei uses H-Link as its internal compatibility and management protocol.

3. Intelligent gateway application scenario

From the application point of view, the intelligent gateway is mainly used in the three major places of family, government, and hotel. Different locations and functions are different.

Home Gateway: Home use is biased towards accessing more wireless and wired terminals such as PCs, mobile phones, and tablets.

Government and Enterprise Gateway: In view of the needs of the enterprise office, the government and enterprise gateways use the E1 interface to provide telephone voice services, highlighting the use characteristics.

Hotel Gateway: Also known as the Converged Set-top Box Gateway, it is a convenient set for the hotel customers, combining a set-top box, wireless router, light cat and many other functions. After the hotel gateway was turned on, the TV service and data network services were launched, mainly to provide free Internet access for visitors of business enterprises.

Today, Yaoertai also has its own intelligent gateway, called YET6950WRZ, which integrates Internet network technology, WiFi, RF433, Zigbee and other technologies, and the company’s intelligent switch / socket / curtain / door magnetic / human body infrared / smoke alarm Products such as the gas/gas sensor are used together, allowing users to manage and control the device anytime, anywhere, to check the status of the device and enjoy a comfortable life.

This product also has a router function, which is a product with complete routing function, which can replace the ordinary home router to achieve network access, and at the same time provide network for data exchange between home smart device and mobile APP and cloud server. Foundation; This product is mainly used in personal home life, corporate office space and other smart office applications in business offices. Moreover, this smart gateway supports one-button operation control of the mobile phone. Just download an app.

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