Talk about the reasons why active infrared radiation products are gradually being phased out.

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The active infrared radiation is a device that emits a near-infrared beam as a detection medium by the transmitting end, and forms a guard limit after receiving the receiving end. When the intruding object passes, the infrared beam is blocked to output an alarm signal. Since the near-infrared spectrum wavelength is outside the human visual range, it has the advantage of concealed prevention.

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The traditional active infrared intrusion detector, commonly known as infrared radiation. According to its invisible advantage of detecting media, it has become the mainstream product of perimeter intrusion detection in the market. The market share in the 1990s was about 80%. Recent statistics show that the dominant position of the product market is gradually weakening; the market share of perimeter intrusion detectors manufactured by different technologies such as microwave wall, pulsed electronic fence, tension fence, fiber optic, and intelligent video is increasing. Many industry insiders have asserted that the mainstream status of active infrared intrusion detection technology in perimeter defense applications will gradually be replaced by other types of perimeter intrusion detection technology. What is the cause of the decline in the application of active infrared intrusion detection technology? How to understand the nature of perimeter intrusion detection? The following will be the reader’s analysis.

First, the reason why infrared radiation exits the dominant position

It is an indisputable fact that the occupancy rate of infrared radiation in perimeter prevention applications is declining. Only by analyzing its underlying causes can we have a comprehensive and clear understanding of product trends and market demand for perimeter applications.

Second, infrared pulse beam characteristics and applicable places

The infrared beam has no signal characteristics. Generally speaking, each infrared pulse beam of the product is the same; the infrared pulse beam is an incoherent light source, which must be diverged during transmission. According to the current high-quality focusing lens 1.5° The divergence angle is calculated, and the ideal spot diameter when it reaches 100 meters is about 5 meters. The above two characteristics make such products only generate an alarm output when the receiving end can not receive the infrared pulse completely, preventing the detection surface from being low.

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The infrared radiation is suitable to be installed on the outer edge of the top of the wall of the traditional modeling wall (the distance between the detection area and the edge of the wall is less than 20cm). When the intruder climbs, the thickness of the body must block the infrared beam, which is reliable. Call the police.

Standard level defect

The national standard for infrared radiation execution is the active infrared intrusion detector of GB10408.4-2000. The main relevant terms are: modulation, to prevent external interference and improve the sensitivity of the receiver, the transmitter should emit modulated infrared radiation. After the receiver receives different modulation frequencies or unmodulated infrared radiation signals, it should not affect the alarm state and the alarm state generated by the interference. Response time, when the detector is working at the detection distance specified by the manufacturer, the radiation signal is partially or completely shielded by a given percentage for a duration greater than 40 (1 ± 10%) ms, and the detector should generate an alarm condition. Probing distance, outdoor active active intrusion detector, the maximum beam distance should be more than 6 times the detection distance specified by the manufacturer.

Products that meet the modulation regulations cannot form a high-detection prevention interface in a stacked installation mode (two or more pairs of detection and prevention lines cannot be constructed in one zone). The infrared response is set at the fastest response time, assuming that the intruder’s body thickness is 20 cm, and when it passes the detection limit at a speed of more than 5 m/s (equivalent to the speed of fast walking), the product alarm is not triggered. According to the detection distance requirement and the infrared pulse beam divergence characteristics, under the condition that the perimeter protection application requires multiple connection configurations, any receiving end receives the same modulated infrared radiation from the non-corresponding end that does not coincide with its optical axis. Signals, forming more than one probability of preventing detection limits, are prone to leak alarms, and there is a “malicious alternative” leak alarm.

Application level defect

Application-level defect definition: Under normal installation conditions, the intrusion target is in accordance with the standards specified by the standard (such as the speed of movement), without relying on tools such as detecting/interfering with the detection medium or supporting the human body, relying solely on its own ability to observe/avoid , can easily cross the product detection area, resulting in leakage alarm, due to the application environment and other factors, can not achieve effective prevention or false alarm.

Defects in installation, manufacturing, etc.

The correct installation requirement for infrared radiation is “the optical axis coincidence between transmission and reception”. When there is a height difference between the transmitting end and the receiving end, the instrument is used to assist the debugging. If only the rotation of the transmitting and receiving planes is adjusted, Point to the meter to reach the maximum value (relative alignment). However, at this time, the optical axis does not coincide, but the divergent edge of the beam covers the receiving end (the product does not alarm). Once the environmental degradation (heavy rain, dense fog, intense sunlight, strong water vapor, strong wind, etc.) is used, the emission intensity is immediately attenuated or the beam is deflected – the divergent edge of the beam is shrunk/removed, causing false alarms.

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