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Staff in congratulation Shenzhen Yaoertai Technology Development Co.,Ltd, finished the order value 400000USD with a month perfectly.[ 10-30 13:28 ]
Staff in congratulation Shenzhen Yaoertai Technology Development Co.,Ltd, finished the order value 400000USD with a month perfectly.
We will exhibit BATIMAT at Paris France 2017[ 10-18 15:55 ]
Exhibition: BATIMAT Date: 6-10,Nov,2017 Booth#:B163-2 HALL 6 Main products: Wireless remote control rolling code, fixed code; Wireless remote control duplicator with multi frequency, Wireless receiver with multi channel, garage gate control board, sliding door operator, gate accessories etc New products: 300-868mhz auto copy duplicator for rolling code & fixed code Multi frequency receiver 300-868 9-30Vr New private mould remote control with multi colors Welcome to visit us!
Multi frequency duplicator coming up![ 02-17 09:07 ]
We developed a new duplicator with multi frequency. It is very different from old adjustable frequency duplicator, no tool needed! This duplicator will scan the frequency automatically and copy code face to face. It supports most frequency on the market now, from 300-868mhz. This will be an ideal replacement remote control.
Aliexpress online shop ready to order![ 02-16 20:01 ]
2017, our aliexpress online shop continue at service! This year, we will mainly launch our remote control duplicator and multi-brand compatible remote control. Besides, our new electronic products like rear light, digital door lock, bicycle gps, sliding door opener will be on this shop too.
We will exhibit VIETBUILD in Viet Nam 2017[ 02-09 09:31 ]
We will exhibit VIETBUILD in Viet Nam 2017 Exhibition: VIETBUILD Date: March 15-19,2017 Booth#: HALL A4 706
We will exhibit R+T ASIA in Shanghai 2017[ 01-04 13:48 ]
We will exhibit R+T ASIA in Shanghai 2017
What is the copy of a wireless remote controller[ 03-27 14:05 ]
To copy a wireless remote control, remote copy (domestic) or remote control (foreign call), the copy of wireless remote control has a large market in foreign countries, this wireless remote control device manufacturer for you to explain what is the copy of the...
YET intelligent Home Furnishing answer for you[ 03-27 14:05 ]
Intelligent Home Furnishing is a living environment, is a residential as a platform equipped with intelligent Home Furnishing system of living environment, the process of the implementation of intelligent Home Furnishing system is called the intelligent Home F...
How the wireless remote control market prospects?[ 03-27 14:04 ]
Along with the progress of the society, the development of science and technology, people's living standards improve, people more convenient way of life more and more intelligent. The wireless remote controller has been applied more and more in life. Wireless...
Transmit power in a wireless remote controller[ 03-27 12:00 ]
In the process we use wireless remote control, sometimes a sensitivity of receiving signal is not very good reflect the slow phenomenon, when there is a wall blocking signal weakening quite powerful,wireless remote control device manufacturers. Here's this pro...
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