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The wireless remote controller and a wireless receiving module[ 03-27 14:19 ]
The development of the modern market, people's living requirements increase, automation can also slowly today thousands of households. Motor wireless controller, the use of advanced design concepts, the motor can control any type, brand. And through the wirele...
The superiority of the wireless remote control of the switch[ 03-27 14:18 ]
Isolated control key wireless remote controller and the control of the product increases the use safety, compared with traditional remote control switch is mainly has the characteristics and advantages of non - contact control, compared with traditional electr...
Wireless smoke detection alarm controller[ 03-27 14:18 ]
The detector adopts the special chip intelligent control, self detection, stable and reliable, multiple signal output mode, the product ion sensing smoke detector, is based on the principle of induction to the smoke particles work. The unique structure design ...
Industrial wireless remote control option[ 03-27 14:07 ]
Industrial wireless remote controller scope and occasion and we live in remote commonly used are different, the performance requirements are higher, so there are great differences in the wireless remote control device of choice, industrial remote control is th...
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