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The wireless remote controller which has several classification?[ 03-27 14:29 ]
Along with the progress of wireless remote society also extended to a very wide field, simple remote control has 2 kinds of common, is a household electrical appliances infrared wireless remote controller used, another is a burglar alarm wireless remote contro...
The wireless remote control using what principle?[ 03-27 14:27 ]
The remote controller is a wireless transmitter, the digital coding technology, modern, encodes the key information, transmitting light through the infrared diodes, infrared signal into electric signal light by the infrared receiver receiver will receive, the ...
What is the radio frequency remote control?[ 03-27 14:26 ]
he biggest advantage of wireless radio frequency remote controller is its scope: they can be transmitted from the receiver distance up to 30 meters (Bluetooth transmission distance is shorter), wireless signals can travel through walls. Because of the above ad...
Wireless remote control frequency specifically refers to what?[ 03-27 14:20 ]
Wireless remote control common carrier frequency for 315mHz or 433mHz, which is a device for remote control of machine, also widely role in life. To use the remote is the state of the opening bands, in this frequency range, transmission power is less than 10mW...
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